Judi Knight

Founder and Creative Director

Judi Knight is totally passionate about what she does. Whatever it is. She was formerly a Ph.D. Psychologist, the CEO of a Software Company and an innovative real estate developer. But for the past eight years, Judi has been helping companies build stellar WordPress websites. Judi walks her talk and New Tricks practices the same techniques that we teach our clients to use to grow their businesses. Somehow Judi found herself an organizer of the Atlanta WordPress Meetup Group and she has helped grow this group to over 1,900 members. She also is the lead organizer of WordCamp Atlanta which she has put on for the last four years.  Judi loves to speak on WordPress, Marketing and Reinvention. In fact, she may be the mother of reinvention.

Michael Earley

Website Designer and Developer

Michael Earley got into WordPress by doing websites for the engineers and musicians he came across while delivering coffee at his Audio Technology and Production Internship after getting his degree from the Art Institute. He got hooked by WordPress since he can actually make a living with it. When Michael isn’t tinkering with graphics and code he spends his time playing basketball, taking pictures, and using his degree in audio engineering to create crazy good digital sounds – as a hobby.  Michael is also a regular speaker at WordPress events and enjoys training people on WordPress. Everyone loves Michael.

Aaron K. Altman

Website Designer and Developer

Aaron KA is one of the most patient humans in captivity. He can disarm the most volatile of clients with his calm, zenlike attitude. Aaron came back to Atlanta with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado. Before that, he went to Paideia with Michael for a gajillion years.  Aaron started his own Food Blog which got him interested in web design and search engine optimization. This led to his passion for designing websites for other people. Aaron is wealth of information about content marketing tools to make getting your message out there. And did I say he is patient and by the way a great trainer.

Jennifer Ohme

Project Manager

Jennifer Ohme works with New Tricks providing project management for the more complex projects needing an additional level of organization and content wrangling skills. She is skilled communicator and effective meeting director, keeping people on task and organizing the results of the meetings for all involved. She dishes out the work and the collateral to the right people.  She is like having an extra hard drive for Judi’s brain.