The Blee on Peachtree Website: One Week to Launch!

New Tricks was brought on by Trinty Development to create a website for a new city center concept, The Blee on Peachtree, for a redesign and development of Chamblee Plaza Shopping Center. This development will create a city center for the Chamblee area that will include a natural foods grocer, 131,000 sq ft of independently owned retail stores, artist markets, an artisan food hall, 110 loft residences and much more.
The Blee on Peachtree Website

We signed the contract a month ago and then for several weeks we did not hear back from them. Then we did. We got a call from Trinity Development that they needed the website developed in one weeks time to present to a Blue Ribbon Panel. [Read more…]

Content Marketing, Social Media and SEO to Attract Your Right Clients

NawboToday, I spoke at a luncheon for the  Atlanta Chapter of The National Organization of Women Business Owners on one of my favorite topics, content marketing. Anyone who knows me realizes I am a fanatic about the power each of us has in this time and place to have our voices heard on a level playing field with media sources and corporations. It amazes me that more business owners don’t utilize all these tools, many of them including WordPress, are absolutely free.

I am really not a professional blogger. I don’t have 30,000 people on my mailing list. I simply write one or two blog posts on this topic each week, share them on social media sites, share other people’s posts and content and send out a online newsletter each week. [Read more…]

Hats Off to Mermaid Cottages, Historic Vacation Cottages, Tybee Island Georgia

I want to take my hat off to Mermaid Cottages, a beach vacation rental company on the Georgia Coast in Historic Tybee Island. Last year, owner, Diane Kaufman changed her site to use WordPress along with an integrated reservation manangement system. This change allowed her to really use their site the hub of their marketing machine. Diane and her team are really working it and doing a terrific job!

Mermaid Cottages Vacation Rentals Tybee Island GeorgiaThe mermaids have over a thousand newsy blog posts about their cottages and life on Tybee Island that make you yearn for a beach vacation that feels like going back in time. They are using Twitter and Facebook and recently added Pinterest boards, which have been a getting a lot of attention and bringing people back to their site.

Diane and her team come to Atlanta to meet with me one a quater to fine-tune their social media marketing. I hope this isn’t a secret but I have to brag on them. They are getting over 30,000 page views a day. Need I say they are full for the season and with their social media savvy the whole year will be Tybee time!

Isvari Yoga Launched to 800 Visitors on Day One!

Screenshot for Isvari yoga website by New TricksI want to share a new site, Isvari Yoga, that we just completed and launched this week. Isvari is an Atlanta Anusara/Inspired Yoga teacher who wanted to have her own on-line presence.

Isvari had been blogging on but wanted to bring it up a notch with a customized site design and more functionality. She got off to a great start when she wrote a post that she got posted to the Anusara Yoga Facebook page and this drove 800 + visitors to her site on day one. This is what I call coming out of the gates in a BIG way.

I love the site, if I do say so myself. I made the background from a photo of a yoga mat which seemed just right and then secured the rights to use a Mandala from an artist, Stephanie Smith, who has made over 1,200 of them. This was an especially wonderful site to work on. It exudes great energy.

Isvari is known for her ability to provide information, trainings and workshops for yoga teachers, helping them to improve their skills as well as her skills in Yoga therapeutics and alignment. You will be able to read about those things on her site. Okay Isvari, now you must keep up this great momentum; writing and connecting and sharing your valuable information about Living Yoga On and Off the mat.

New Tricks Coaching Delivers Page One Google Listing in One Day.

By Maureen Nolan. . . . My new website was designed and created by Judi Knight, of New Tricks. Judi also designed my new personal avatar and gave me marketing refocus by creatively branding  my Atlanta ADHD coaching practice to be Your Attention Coach. Judi is fun to be around during idea and web design, an experience enhanced by her unique and stimulating office environment – I hated leaving her and the loft atmosphere after the job was over. Judi has since then created the New Tricks Academyand she started a group called Catapult ( “It is our duty to Catapult each other to Greatness”) that is held in her loft office once a week. Judi’s gathers her  clients together in this stimulating work environment where we learn the new tricks of web marketing and business development. It’s important to have this kind of business follow through to teach the mechanics of web marketing. In one meeting alone, I learned how to get my web site to come up #two on the first page of my focused Google key word search.   Thanks Judi.

Maureen Nolan
Your Attention Coach