The Secret to Coming up at the Top of a Google Search

Urban Oasis on top of google search pageDo you want to come up on the first page of a Google search? For a lot of businesses the competition for their main keyword phrase is so steep that it can be difficult to rank on page one in the organic search results. That’s where having a Google Local Business Listing comes in handy.

Businesses that work with or service customers at an actual location can get a Google+ Listing which has a good chance of coming up on a Google Map and can appear in a Google search above the organic listings. How great is that?

My husband and I have a loft bed and breakfast in Atlanta. One evening a man named Jim, was in town from Chicago on business, and taking clients to dinner at the steakhouse down the street.

When Jim checked Google Maps for directions to the restaurant, our Bed and Breakfast listing also popped up. Since he had work in Atlanta that required him to be here for several days most weeks, he liked the idea of staying someplace called the Urban Oasis rather than an anonymous hotel. [Read more…]

Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

responsive siteWhat is a mobile friendly website and why should you care? In February of this year, Google announced that starting in April they are going use “mobile device friendliness” as a new variable in their search ranking algorithm.

If you care about how your website comes up in a Google search, then you should know what this update means for your website, and what you can do to fix it. Mobile friendly, or responsive, websites are designed to provide an optimal viewing experience across screens of various sizes. [Read more…]

Has Your Website Traffic Dropped Dramatically?

sad panda If your website traffic dropped dramatically in late September, it could be you got bit by Panda 4.1, Google’s latest algorithm update. This update specifically downgraded sites with poor or no content, duplicate content and  keyword stuffing. It did this on September 23. Check your analytics and see if you are safe.

A couple of people I know got hammered. One man came to me yesterday to redo his site after he experiences a dramatic drop in business on his very profitable e-commerce site. The problem is he has very few words on his site which was created in Microsoft Front Page quite a number of years ago and was completely discontinued. Because of that he can’t easily go in and update his content.

We are going to [Read more…]

Become More Relevant with Internal Links

ChainlinkThis week, I heard Dan Morris speak about building a blogging Empire. He had some gems in his presentation.

One thing I know, but I totally forget to do for SEO, is to build in internal links from a post I am writing on a particular subject to some of my other blog posts on the same subject.

What does that mean and why should you do it? Google gives your post search engine ranking on the basis of relevance. It crawls your site to see [Read more…]

Find Your Magic Keywords and Optimize Your Content

Picture of a KeyAbracadabra! Keywords are the magic words you will need to come up for to be found by your potential customers on the Internet.

Yet like other magic words, it is amazing how many people don’t know what they are or how to use them.

Here are some basic SEO tips:

  • Your keywords are most likely going to be phrases rather than single words since the single words are too general and very competitive. If your business is new and is selling shoes, you are most likely NEVER going to come up for the word “Shoes”. But you may come up for the keyword phrase, “Cool Shoe Store Atlanta” or “Women’s Tango Shoes”.
  • Make a list of the 10-20 Keyword phases you would like to come up for in a search. You might ask people you know how they would search for your product or service.
  • Once you have your initial list, use Google’s Keyword tool to do some [Read more…]

Drive Your WordPress Website Like A Ferrari

Ferrari Parked in the DrivewayLast week I did an SEO workshop with Jenny Munn for about 20 people. It turned out that the majority of the class was made up of people whom I have known and watched build their businesses using WordPress over the past several years.

The heartwarming thing was that our group included people who, at one time, would never have blogged or even added words to their sites because it might interfere with their design!  And here they were, adding content and learning how to use keywords to attract people to their sites that are looking for the services they provide.

I like to say that creating an online presence for your business is a lot like [Read more…]

There is a New SEO in Town

New SEO Dog Sheriff in TownIn the old days publishers created great content and sold the books and magazines or subscriptions to the books and magazines. When things went online people still created good content and got found from search engines for it by putting keywords in their content. But the “Internet Marketers” came to town and started gaming the system. They bought Keyword URLs  for many niche markets, threw up basic websites and found many ways to get a lot of content on those sites, none of them good. Three of the ways they created content for these sites were writing lots of basically bad content,  scraping good content from other people’s sites, and using RSS feeds from other sites to feed their sites. Then they found ways to attract the search engines using lots of keywords on each page and getting links in less than legitimate ways, in order to monetize these sites by selling  ads or affiliate products.

The first round of people doing this made multi-millions and then these marketers put on seminars teaching others how the game is played. These people also made money and this methodology caught on.  When this happened, these sites started springing up everywhere. It got to the point where  a search for something brought up pages of these smarmy websites.  Since search engines compete with each other for people to use their sites, if a particular search engine routinely pulled this kind of result, then they may lose users to the competition. over the past few years, search engines like Google started making changes to their algorithms to see how this could be thwarted in favor of “real”content. [Read more…]

Reduce Bounce Rates: Keep Your Readers on Your Blog

reduce blog Bounce Rates

Reduce Blog Bounce Rates

We should have a goal to reduce blog bounce rates and get people to stick around and visit other pages and posts on our sites. We want them to read more of what we have to offer and come back regularly.  Hopefully, our visitors will  find our information so compelling they will sign up for our newsletters or buy our goodies.

We can use Google Analytics to track Bounce Rate and another important variable, Visit Duration. Bounce Rate is the percentage of people going to only one page, or post, of your site before leaving. Visit Duration is how long they stay on the site. Often we think of having a high Bounce Rate as bad since it could mean that someone landed on our site, took one look, said, “Yikes!”,  and left.  But, it could also be that they Googled an issue they were having, clicked on one of our search results, went right to what they were looking for, stayed and read the post, got the information they were looking for and left the site to get on with their business. These are two very different scenarios.  Looking at Bounce Rate along with visit duration can help determine which group you fall into. You can safely [Read more…]

How to Get A Photo of Your Happy Face to Show Next to Your Google Search Result

velveteen rabbit
Be Real

Have you noticed when doing a Google search that sometimes you see the author’s photo showing up next to a particular search result?  I was thrilled to see my face next to a front page listing for WordPress Website Designers in Atlanta. You can see below that on page one for the search term phrase at the top, there are three paid results. After that there are two organic listings and then my listing shows up third.  But, notice that mine is the only one with an image of the author and so even if my result is not the first, it captures your attention and looks more, “real”.

Maybe that is how the Velveteen Rabbit felt when he became “real”?

Judi Knight Showing Up as Verified Author in Google Search Result.

[Read more…]