Sending Money Through Gmail Using Google Wallet

SendingMoneyThroughGmailusingGoogleWalletSendingMoneyThroughGmailUsingGoogleWalletSending money through Gmail using Google Wallet is easier than ever. You may have noticed a new button in your Gmail email composer that looks like a dollar sign. If you click that button, you are taken through several simple steps to send money to other Gmail and Google Wallet users.

If you’re not a Google Wallet user, setting up an account [Read more…]

Update Years of Contacts in One Fell Swoop with Evercontact

EvercontactI hate when I go to my contact list to look up a phone number and the number isn’t there. At that point, I then spend ten minutes scrolling through previous emails to find one that includes a number (a pet peeve of mine is people who don’t include their contact information with their emails). Will I ever go update these contacts on my own? Not a chance. [Read more…]

Clean Up Your Inbox with “”

Uroll.meI don’t know about you, but my inbox is very cluttered with notifications and messages from many sources that I really do not want. Yet, it is a pain to go into each of them and go through the unsubscribe process. Now we have a pretty great [Read more…]

Add an Automatic Signature to Your Emails have written about this before, but it is time to remind people again to make me really happy by adding your contact information to the bottom of your e-mails. You will never do it if you have to type the info in each time so you are in luck because most email programs allow you to [Read more…]

Combine Your Email Accounts On One Gmail Account

Combine your email accounts to one Gmail accountMost people these days have multiple email addresses and it can be frustrating logging into different accounts to check them all. Luckily there are two simple steps to combine all these accounts into one Gmail account.

1. Forward all of your various email addresses to your Gmail account.

Most email clients allow the auto-forwarding of emails. If you have an old yahoo email address, or have an email address through your website host, you can set up all emails sent to those addresses to automatically be sent to your Gmail (or any other) email account. Every email client is different, so, if you need [Read more…]

New Gmail Tab Views- What Do You Think?

Jumping through Google HoopsHave you noticed that Gmail has gone and changed things up by creating new tab views and automagically sorting your email into one of five categories: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums? I kicked and screamed for a couple of days about the change, but now I find myself actually liking the fact that my email stream is more organized.

My personal email goes into the Primary category. Notifications from social-media services (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) show up in  the Social tab, promotional emails [Read more…]

How to Insert Image into the Body of a Gmail Email

Search no more for how to insert images into Gmail emails. Here are step-by-step instructions on how:

1. Log-in and go to your main Gmail page.

2. Click the gear in the top right of your Gmail and select “Settings.” (pictured below)

How to Insert Images into Gmail Email Screenshot 1

3. On the top of your settings page you’ll see a navigation menu. Towards the end of this menu you’ll see “Labs”–click that. We are turn on a “Lab” that allows you to Insert Images into Gmail email [Read more…]

Setting Up E-mail Signatures

Occasionally we do actually have to pick up the telephone and call someone. One of my pet peeves is not being able to easily find someone’s phone number from their e-mails. You can remedy that by adding an automated signature to your e-mail. An automated signature is a little personalized text at the end (such as your contact information or a favorite quote) that is automatically inserted at the bottom of every message you send. Here’s mine:
judi knight e-mail signature

You can see how I included a link to sign up for my newsletter. You might want to promote an upcoming event or have a special quote. I would suggest not going overboard with the information in your signature. We’ve all seen people who cannot leave anything off of their business card or their e-mail signature and it is information overload. If there is too much, people will ignore it all. [Read more…]