The Secret to Coming up at the Top of a Google Search

Urban Oasis on top of google search pageDo you want to come up on the first page of a Google search? For a lot of businesses the competition for their main keyword phrase is so steep that it can be difficult to rank on page one in the organic search results. That’s where having a Google Local Business Listing comes in handy.

Businesses that work with or service customers at an actual location can get a Google+ Listing which has a good chance of coming up on a Google Map and can appear in a Google search above the organic listings. How great is that?

My husband and I have a loft bed and breakfast in Atlanta. One evening a man named Jim, was in town from Chicago on business, and taking clients to dinner at the steakhouse down the street.

When Jim checked Google Maps for directions to the restaurant, our Bed and Breakfast listing also popped up. Since he had work in Atlanta that required him to be here for several days most weeks, he liked the idea of staying someplace called the Urban Oasis rather than an anonymous hotel. [Read more…]

Google + Hangouts – You Should Try It!

Google + HangoutsLast week one of my Google + buddies saw that I was doing a webinar and asked why I wasn’t using a Google + Hangout to do my online meeting.  I had to admit that I had no idea how it worked. So Jerry offered to hold a hangout with me to show me how it’s done.

I was impressed and can’t wait to use it again. Here is the deal on G+ Hangouts.

Hangouts are a great way for you and nine guests to meet face-to-face from wherever you are. The person starting the Hangout can invite up to nine other people from their circles to join them on the hangout. All ten people can view and speak directly to each other. You can share Google Docs and make changes to the Docs. It also offers the ability to have screen sharing which is great for client meetings and trainings. [Read more…]

How to Get A Photo of Your Happy Face to Show Next to Your Google Search Result

velveteen rabbit
Be Real

Have you noticed when doing a Google search that sometimes you see the author’s photo showing up next to a particular search result?  I was thrilled to see my face next to a front page listing for WordPress Website Designers in Atlanta. You can see below that on page one for the search term phrase at the top, there are three paid results. After that there are two organic listings and then my listing shows up third.  But, notice that mine is the only one with an image of the author and so even if my result is not the first, it captures your attention and looks more, “real”.

Maybe that is how the Velveteen Rabbit felt when he became “real”?

Judi Knight Showing Up as Verified Author in Google Search Result.

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SEO Reasons To Use Google +

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about Google+ and whether or not you should get on the bandwagon. Although I have not yet jumped in with both feet,  I am definitely on Google + and I’ll tell you why. The short answer is that it will impact our ability to survive in the marketplace.

The days are gone when you could put up a static website, pay someone to stuff it full of key words and come up in a search. In fact meta-key words are basically dead. Google’s  search algorithms have changed. The recent Google “Panda” algorithm updates caused a dramatic drop in [Read more…]