Find Yourself a Twitter Chat

Tweet Chat

People often have a difficult time figuring out how to get started on Twitter. A great way to start is with a Twitter chat.

Participating in Twitter chats can be a great way to find a group of people with whom you share an interest; and, because everyone is communicating on the same topic, it is easier to break the ice and begin to add your own expertise to the conversation. This will also help you build your network.

What the heck is a Tweet Chat?
It is a scheduled conversation on a particular topic, open to anyone and held on Twitter. They are identified by a name with a hashtag (#). An example of one of the big daddy Tweet Chats is #blogchat on Sunday nights at [Read more…]

Build a Better Buffer for Your Tweets

Buffer appOne of my social media secret weapons that saves me time making and sharing articles on Twitter is called Buffer App. This app lets me schedule my tweets so that they come out at predetermined times throughout the day.

Scheduling your tweets helps to insure that your tweets are being seen by a variety of people, not only the ones that happen to be on Twitter at the same times you are.

When you have a tweet that you want people to take notice of, it is perfectly acceptable to send it out a couple of times a day. Twitter does not want you to send duplicate tweets, so change them up a bit before adding them to your buffer. Other apps including TweetDeck and HootSuite allow you to schedule the tweets, but you have to add them, one at a time. With Buffer App, [Read more…]

Twitter Hijacked

Twitter Hi-Jacked Was Twitter Hijacked? No, but people have been getting fooled by an email from a source pretending to be twitter. Have you gotten any tweets like this?

someone is saying horrible things about you check it out

hey this guy posted an awful video from that thing you did last week

The most common way a Twitter account gets hijacked is by the account owner accidentally logging into a fake Twitter page. When you login to one of these fake pages that look exactly like a real Twitter Login page and type your password in, the hijackers snag it.

You may get to one of these fake pages by following a link from somewhere. So how can you tell whether a login page is a real Twitter login page? Check the page URL. It may be similar, but it won’t be Once you follow the link, check the URL and don’t enter your password.

If you get any requests to login and change your password that come directly from Twitter, Comcast, Paypal or such, don’t [Read more…]

Create a Tweet That Others Can Click To Tweet

Twitter bird and laptopEver wonder how those little tweet links produce a pre-written tweet with the perfect message all ready to go? I am going to tell you how it is done and you can use this in your newsletter and your blog posts for people to share your material even if you are not regularly using Twitter yourself.

The trick is to [Read more…]

Twitter Etiquette: Be Sure to Engage with People Who Engage With You

One thing that helps get you going developing a community in Social Media is to reply in some way to everyone who engages you publicly. “Promote the people who reach out to you” — on an ongoing basis. However, some people might wonder how to get people to engage with them in the first place.

I suggest that you try engaging with others you find interesting and see who responds. You might also want to actually form a group of real life people who will commit to supporting each other online.

As you get more and more people people  you are following,  it is hard to track your special peeps. This is where a Twitter list can come in handy. Building a Twitter list of those people makes it easier to keep track of their tweets so you can focus more of your attention on them. Twitter lists are great, but are still time-consuming to create and manage. They tend to get out of date and I forget to add new people to my lists who should be on the list and then I don’t even realize that they aren’t on my list.

What’s a person to do?

I am going to share with you this new trick I learned [Read more…]

Tips to Get Going on Twitter

One of the reasons I think people don’t catch on to Twitter is that they are not following the “right” people. When they signed up they may have followed a few celebrities and,  unless they are the type of person fascinated by the National Enquirer, they will look at their Twitter Stream once or twice and then never again.

The remedy to this problem is to find the “right” people to follow given your niche. You will find the Tweeps in your Twitter feed offer curated news in your field and other things of interest to you.

Whether you are just starting out with Twitter, or if you need to take [Read more…]

Buffer App, Tweet more Effectively

Funnel Illustration for Buffer AppMy new best secret weapon app that saves me steps  make  sharing articles on Tweeter easier is called Buffer App. It is a free app that lets me schedule my tweets so that they come out at predetermined times throughout the day.

Twitter is like fishing for salmon. You stand at the river and the fish are going downstream. You see one you like and you grab it. While you have that fish others are swimming on by.

To make sure your tweets are being seen by a variety of people, it is great to have [Read more…]

How to Get Started Building Online Relationships with Twitter

Twitter BirdThis week, Sarah Robinson of Escaping Mediocrity, interviewed me as a guest on a webinar for her course, Building Meaningful Online Relationships (that support your meaningful work).  I talked about several key relationships that rocked my business that came about from my being active on Twitter. Actually, I find it amazing that Twitter and Facebook bring more visitors to my site than Google does, and I get a lot of Google traffic. This all happened in less than one full year of “really” being on Twitter.

One thing that stops people from staying on Twitter long enough to have the magic happen is they  are not following the right people. I am going to tell you how to remedy this so you can get started with finding those people on-line that you may want to develop a relationship with in the first place.

Of course, you have to actually get on Twitter, complete your profile and [Read more…]

15 Twitter Tricks for Your WordPress Blogs

Susan of Asher PR sent us a link to this very timely Twitter Tips for WordPress post on Smashing Magazine’s website. Smashing Magazine is one of my favorite sites for design tips and inspiration. Another one of our clients,  Global Girl has really taken off Twittering. Global Girl calls frequently for tips on becoming a Twitter power user and when she found Tweetdeck, she was totally hooked. After she gets a hold of these tips, we are going to have to do an intervention on her or else just start referring people to her for tips and tricks.|

This article will get anyone off to a great start using their blog with Twitter to its best advantage.The hacks to the code maybe a little risky for some beginners. So beginners, if you embark on hacks that involve changing code in your PHP files, just be sure to copy the content of the original file into a text editor first,  in case something goes wrong. Then if you make a change and your site blows up you can simply add the original file back and try again. It is really pretty easy.

I am anxious to test out the Twit This and the Twit It Up WordPress plugins. I have been meaning to add a “Twitter This” link on our posts, so this will get one more item off of my to do list. Stay tuned for which one I think works better! And let us know if you try some of these tips which you found useful and why. Happy Twittering.