Create and Display Custom Post Types with Toolset WordPress Plugin

Toolset-screenshotHave you ever wanted to add testimonials, portfolio projects, information directories, or other custom post types and display them in a specific way? You could use a post category to separate this one kind of post, but that gets messy and doesn’t easily allow for much customization.

You could write the .php to declare new custom post types and create the necessary template files to display those post types, but that’s probably more difficult than you would hope.

What’s the easy solution?
Types & Views available in the WP-Types plugin Toolset simplifies the process to create custom post types and custom views for those post types.

This tutorial explains how [Read more…]

10 Awesome Social Media Plugins and Management Tools for WordPress

Almost every WordPress website could use a social media plugin or two. Take a look at our list of 10 awesome social media plugins and management tools for WordPress.

Social Sharing Plugins

1. Add Twitter Facebook Google Plus One Social Share
Add Twitter Facebook Google Plus One Social ShareAdd Twitter Facebook Google Plus One Social Share is a simple floating social sharing bar. It comes with a couple of handy user options and allows you to change where the bar floats on your site as well as minor style customizations. The plugin also features LinkedIn, Stumbleupon and Pinterest (which it doesn’t mention in it’s title).

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Adding Recipes to a WordPress Site with Recipe Card Plugin

WordPress Recipe PluginAdding recipes to a WordPress site is easy. With the holidays just around the corner, you may want to share some of your holiday love in the form of delicious recipes. You could just type the recipe into the content area of a page, but, with the Recipe Card WordPress Plugin, uploading the content is simple and your recipes will have a consistent stylized look. This post will show you how to install and set-up the Recipe Card WordPress Plugin and add a few recipes of your own. [Read more…]

How to Add a Notification Bar to Your WordPress Website

MARQUEEThere are times when you want to have a place on your website for an announcement such as an upcoming workshop up or a nice spot to to remind people to sign up for your newsletter. There is a easy way to do this using the WordPress plugin, Notification Bar.

It is very easy to install and configure all by yourself. Simply go to your Dashboard and find “Plugins” and select “Add New”.

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The Best Way to Keep People on Your Site

Man Tied Up

If you’re blogging on your WordPress website (which you should be doing for oh so many reasons) you want to keep people on your site as long as possible.  No you don’t have to resort to tying them up, but the next best thing to keep them reading is by using a related posts plugin to display a list of related posts with thumbnail images under each of your posts. [Read more…]

Help Others To Share . . . your Quotes on Twitter

Pass it on to Facebook and TwitterWouldn’t you like people to share your brilliance on Twitter?  I am going to tell you about two ways to help people to easily share your quoteables on social media.

Method One

I have written before about using  Click to Tweet to create clickable quotes that, when your reader clicks on the quote, the link takes them to Twitter and pre-populates your quote into a Tweet ready to send out.

I use it all the time on my newsletter to make it easy for readers to share a “Tweetable“.  I create a pre-written tweet, put it into the top of the box at Click to Tweet. When you click Generate Link, a link will appear below. I copy the link and use it as the link for the Tweet copy on my [Read more…]

Instagram to WordPress

instagramOne of my favorite apps on the iPhone is my Instagram camera app. It is a free app that lets you then you take photos just like your would with the built-in iPhone camera. But, after you take the photo with Instagram, you can select from different looks for the photo. Once you choose the version of the photo, Instagram allows you to add a caption and save it to your iPhotos on your phone and to your Instagram account where people can see, like, and comment on it. But even better is that with the push of a button you can also choose to send it to Twitter, Facebook, and/or a Tumblr blog.

I love the ease of sharing images with Instagram but I also wanted to post my Instagram photos that I take around my neighborhood, to my WordPress website for my Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast. Unfortunately, that is not one of the built-in options. But, with WordPress there is almost always a Plugin that will add functionality that you need. Today, I found a solution in a plugin called, Instagrate. 

Instagrate has a free and pro version. I found the free version works for me just fine. To get started, upload the plugin into your plugin directory on your WordPress website and activate it. Before you can configure the settings you will need to set your WordPress site to allow remote publishing. Just go to your dashboard to  “Settings”, “Write” scroll down to “Remote Publishing” and check the box to enable  “XML-RPC”.

Then you can go to “Settings”, and choose “Instagrate” and configure your Plugin. The settings allow you to choose an upload size for your image, as well as the alignment (alignright, alignleft, aligncenter, none)  of the photo on your site. You can choose to save the Instagram uploads to your Media Library or just use links from Instagram. I chose to upload them in case I want to use them again.  You can choose to use the image as a featured image, select the category, and a post author. [Read more…]

Anthologize – Turn WordPress Posts into an E-Book

Anthologize, where have you been all my life?

Anthologize is an amazing plugin that uses the power of WordPress to help you transform your online content into an electronic book.  It is the secret weapon that allowed me to save all of my blog posts as a Word document.

Once you install the plugin, Anthologize creates its own admin heading in the dashboard where you can configure the plugin and begin. You will choose a book title and create what they call parts, which are basically going to be your chapters. You are then able to view and search for your posts by category, tags, post types or date range. [Read more…]

Gravity Forms Gives Your WordPress Site Super Powers

gravity forms superheroIf you have a WordPress site, you can give your site abilities you only dreamed of when you install the Gravity Forms Plugin. It is a premium plugin which means there is a fee involved. The personal level license starts at 39.00 and the developer license is 199.00. It is well worth it and if you are a developer, it is essential. Why do I love Gravity Forms? Let me count the ways:

  1. Gravity Forms is easy. You simply name the form and start dragging fields into it. You edit the title of the filed and add directions to filling out the filed if needed and you are good to go. Really, a cave man could do it.
  2. You can create simple contact forms with almost any form maker. The real beauty of Gravity Forms is the ability to make most any kind of form, such as a lead generation form or a product or service purchase form, which sends you the completed form responses in an e-mail and keeps it in the database. You can then export the form data into a csv file.
  3. Gravity Forms works with PayPal Pro or [Read more…]

30 WordPress Plugins You Can Count On

A sign of a 30 demonstrating the topic 30 WordPress Plugins you can count on.

I have been using WordPress for about five years now. I remember the days when you had to upload plugins through FTP. Thankfully for the newcomers it is easier now but the amount of plugins is rather overwhelming. I was doing a presentation  for my WordPress Meetup in Atlanta and decided to make a list of all of my  tried and true plugins. For the most part these are easy to install, configure and utilize to extend the functionality of your WordPress site.

  1. Aksimet -Best comment and trackback spam prevention ever. Free for personal bloggers and starts at 60 per year for businesses making over 500.00.
  2. Stats -Loads right in your dashboard for easy monitoring of your pageviews, tells you which posts and pages are the most popular, where your site traffic is coming from, and what links people click when they leave your site.
  3. WordPress SEO – I had been using All in One SEO to rewrite my site page and blog post titles and descriptions. But now there is a new kid on the block called WordPress SEO by Yoast which is hands down better.  This one shows a search engine result before you optimize the post which gives you a lot of motivation to change the title and descriptions to work better for search engine optimization while still using readable titles on you pages or posts. When you try your hand at optimizing your content,this plugin will tell you with a series of colored lights whether you have succeeded and how you can do better. I was also using Scribe ( see below) to give me feedback on the optimization. But with this free plugin you do not need to use Scribe and can save some money.
  4. Scribe –This is a premium plugin that costs about 30.00 per month. It will teach you to write optimized posts. Write your post for your readers, fill out All in One SEO and then run it through Scribe for a grade on how the search engines would see your entry. It then tells you how to fix a low score. The Catholic schoolgirl in me can’t stand not to get 100 on a test!
  5. W3 Total Cache – This plugin is used by all the pros to make their sites load faster by caching every aspect of your site. This is great for readers and also a factor in ranking.
  6. Gravity Forms This is a honey of a plugin and worth the money. It is 39.00 for a single site, 99.00 for three sites and 199.00 for a developers license good for unlimited sites. You can create forms in a breeze, even complex and interactive forms. It is very user friendly and there are addons for other programs like Paypal, Freshbooks, and MailChimp. [Read more…]