Organizing WordCamp Atlanta 2015

In 2011, my WordPress developer friend, Russell Fair and I were asked by WordPress Foundation to organize WordCamp Atlanta. We were targeted, I mean chosen, because we were both active in the local WordPress community hosting Meetup Groups and spoke at other WordCamps.  At first we both resisted thinking, “No way.  We’re way too busy.”   But, after losing our minds we stepped up and took it on.

4badgesAnd, I’m very glad I did. Over the last four years, I’ve had a lot of fun, made great friends, learned a lot and have had some big adventures all because I said yes.

WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg came to our first WordCamp Atlanta in 2012. We held it at SCAD that year, and in every picture of me I am wearing my MailChimp Monkey hat. Whatever made me think that was a good idea? Despite that, Matt gave me his American Express Black Card to charge lunch for the 400 attendees. A couple of years ago, a contingent of people from Asheville attended WordCamp Atlanta and thought they would like to have a WordCamp there. We mentored WordCamp Asheville when they were getting up and running and I got to do my first Keynote speech there last year. [Read more…]

WordCamp Atlanta 2013 Coming Soon

Word Camp Warning SignIn a post last week, Seth Godin discussed three concepts – open, generous and connected- that he says people seek from co-workers, bosses or fellow conference attendees.

This week tickets went on sale for WordCamp Atlanta 2013 and, when I read this post, I immediately recognized those characteristics as being descriptive of attendees, speakers, volunteers and organizers of WordCamps.

WordCamps create a setting where people are avidly interested in learning new information that helps them make a difference in their world. Our community is generous with their time and shares their knowledge and experience to [Read more…]

WordPress for Beginners Workshop July 25 1-4 PM

New Tricks Academy Dog with Morter Board

Are You Ready to do WordPress but Want/Need a Kickstart ?

  • You know you need  to do a website – and you heard WordPress was the way to go and that it was oh so easy. But. . .  you haven’t been able to get it together and are now at your wit’s end. Someone Help PLEASE!
  • You want a website that will bring your business to the world. A site that is attractive and captures the attention of your people and turns them into loyal fans.
  • You need a website that you can UPDATE yourself. But. . . it is harder than you thought, and you don’t have the money to shell out on a fancy pants designer – quite yet.
  • You are ready to give it a go but it is harder than you thought to do it right. So you may do it yourself or . . . maybe you just want to learn enough about WordPress to work effectively with a web designer to create your site and then take over maintaining it yourself.


That’s why I created WordPress for Beginners! July 25,  1-4 PM



Sorry that workshop is over but be sure to get on my mailing list to find out about the next one!



Atlanta WordPress Users Meetup: May 23

Atlanta WordPress Users Meetup BadgeThe Atlanta WordPress Users Group Meetup is going to be held at 130 Krog at New Tricks Atlanta Headquarters on Wednesday, May 23 at 6:00 PM for the beginner session and 7:30 For the intermediate workshop.  Note that this Meetup has moved to the fourth Wednesday of the month. There is a ten dollar charge for the meeting since we provide beverages and snacks for everyone.

This month, we are fortunate to have WordPress developer and trainer,  Travis Smith  presenting both sessions.

Travis is going to help the beginners with understanding  the difference between posts and pages and then talk about Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, Custom Taxonomies, and Post Formats, oh My! Specifically we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using pages and posts and then when to use custom post types, custom taxonomies and post formats in their site.

The intermediate users will be get a workshop on the available custom post types plugins, and will show three plugins (Easy Custom Content Types [premium], Custom Post Type UI [free], WP Views/Types [premium]. Travis will show us how to create a custom post type, setup the various custom fields, & then finish with a custom single & archive template. There will be a multisite available to use and test while Travis is presenting. [Read more…]

Atlanta WordPress Users Meetup At New Tricks

The Atlanta WordPress Users Group is going to be held at 130 Krog at New Tricks Atlanta Headquarters on Wednesday, April 21 at 7:00 PM. This is the 17th meeting of this popular Atlanta Meetup Group. Jack Kennard and I, Judi Knight, his new co-organizer, will give a basic presentation on how to go about getting a WordPress site up and started. I have written a recent post on moving your site from a site to a .org site and it pretty much outlines the material that we will cover. The presentation is planned to last about an hour including time for questions and answers.

Jack and I would like try and find a format for the group that can satisfy the diverse levels of experience in this group. So after the presentation we we will break into smaller discussion groups so beginners and more advanced members can talk about the things that are pertinent to their issue and get questions answered on both basic and more advanced topics. We are trying to work out the schedule so that there is little something for everyone.

With all of the interest and talent in our Atlanta WordPress Users’ group, we also want to give others a chance to present, so please, don’t be shy. Let us know if you have a topic you’d like to hear more about or if your would like to do the presentation for an upcoming meeting.

Some suggestions have been to have a meeting on the new features of 3.0 and another presentation on WPMU (multi-user version) and Buddy Press. So stay tuned, and keep in touch. I hope to see you Wednesday!