Easy Way to Install WordPress on BlueHost Web Hosting's Server

Before you Install WordPress you need to have a web hosting account.  There is a way to have a WordPress.com website where you can get a site without having your own hosting account, but it does not have all of the functionality of the full software. When you are looking for a web hosting company you can be bombarded by many choices or can be swayed by the sites with a lot of advertising like Go-Daddy.

Whatever you do, don’t choose Go Daddy for web hosting. It really doesn’t matter who you get to register your domain name since you are really just leasing the right to use the name for as long as you pay the yearly fee. You can always point your domain name from wherever you registered it, to your web-hosting account using two numbers called DNS, that you get from your web hosting account and plug into to your domain account on your domain registrar. But where you have your web hosted does matter. A lot.

I use and wholeheartedly recommend BlueHost for all of my sites and my client’s websites. I have learned so much about web-hosting, databases, files, fixing problems, and general geek wisdom from their tech support that I should do a commercial for them or at least make them cookies or something. Here is a partial list of why I recommend them as a web host.

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Blue Host:

  • answers the phone within a minute or two.
  • knows a lot about WordPress and can fix things with your files if you have a problem.
  • runs the right software on their servers ( latest versions of  PHP, My SQL and other scripts).
  • has good performance, my blogs and websites are speedy.
  • doesn’t try and up-sell you things you don’t need.
  • uses  the C-Panel interface rather than some crazy one-off system ( Go Daddy).
  • offers you a free domain for as long as you have hosting with them.
  • offers you the option of using a one minute WordPress Install with Simple Scripts that is terrific and saves you from having to download WordPress to your computer and upload it through FTP back to the hosting company, a process newbies often screw up.You can have unlimited WordPress websites running on one 6.95 per month hosting account by installing WordPress again on a sub-directory ( I couldn’t believe this but it is true).
  • gives me an affiliate fee for each referral I make to them. It doesn’t cost you more and I would totally refer them anyway.

Once you have an account here is a video that will walk you through the easy way to install WordPress:

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  1. says

    Hi Judi,

    Great article.

    You mentioned, "You can have unlimited WordPress websites running on one 6.95 per month hosting account by installing WordPress again on a sub-directory ( I couldn’t believe this but it is true)."

    Do you hav instructions on how to do this? I can't find documentation.


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    • says

      Derrick, I couldn't believe it either. But I have lots of sites running on one 6.95 hosting account. Go to BlueHost and go to applications and select the WordPress symbol that takes you to the BlueHost Simple Scripts WordPress Installer. Select, Install Now. You don't need a new domain. It will ask you where you want to install it. There will already be your main domain name listed in the root directory and then there will be a forward slash and a fill in the blank. Just type a name in that space and go through the other steps to filling out the installation instructions. Yes you want to check get a new database. Bingo you are done. It is a whole new WordPress installation with its own password and user name. Just type in http://your original domain.com/your new name/wp-admin and it will take you to the login. You can then get a new domain name and point it to that sub-directory. Voila, new site.

  2. Kathy says

    Hi Judi,
    Can you elaborate on why you stated "Whatever you do, don’t choose Go Daddy for web hosting." I have a client with a traditional website currently hosted with Go Daddy. I am in the process of setting up a WordPress site for her and we were going to continue to host with Go Daddy. Can you share why this might not be such a great idea? I am new to working with WordPress.
    Thank you!