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Don't steal from Google Images One of the things that stops people from blogging is the problem of getting images to go with their posts.

Why do you need images? Having an images in your blog post is not only decorative, it actually helps the readability of the post as it first draws the eye of the reader and helps reduce the size of the line of text next to it to entice the reader to begin reading.

I recommend embedding an image and left justifying it so that the image is added to the left on the post which will cause the text to wrap to the right and bottom of the image. Size the image to be about a third of the content are (200-275 pixels). This improves post engagement since the length of the line of text is reduced to about 300 pixels which is much more readable than a longer line of text. Once the reader has started a post they are more likely to continue after the text drops below the photo and spans the full width.

Now you know you need images but where do you find them?

Don’t go looking for them on Google Images. They actually belong to other websites. Google Images is part of their search engine pulling images from websites across the Internet. When you upload an image to use on your website and fill out your alt tag description of the image, your image will become searchable too. This can be a great source of additional traffic to your site, but these images are not free to use. They belong to the sites where they were pulled from and link back to.

There are plenty of stock image companies where you can find images to use on your posts for very little money . Dreamstime, iStock, Veer, Creative Market to name a few.

Resources for Free Images

Getty Images recently gave up trying to prosecute people who swiped their images and now makes them available to bloggers with an embed code. When you use one of these embedded Getty Images, it will show there name at the bottom of the image and it will include meta data that is behind the scenes so that they can track the use.

Getty ImagesOnly 35 million of the Getty images are embeddable. To figure out if an image you want to use is one of these, hover over the image to see a preview image in a pop-up. Check to see if  it has the little brackets underneath of the images like this: </>. If so you can click to get the embed code to post into the text view of your post.

Flickr has images that are free to use if they include Creative Commons licensing which let you use the image with attribution.

Wikimedia Commons also has some wonderful creative commons licensed images that are free to use with attribution.

And then remember to really save some money and have something that you won’t see anywhere else, you can take your own images or make graphics yourself!

Do you have other cools sources for images? Please share them below.

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