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    Community is community. It can be the local cafe or right here on your Blog. People will get out of it what they put into it. But, you knew that already 😉

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    I am tickled pink to hear from you on my blog. This has all been a huge demonstration of a conversation I have been having with my newsletter readers and, weekly live Catapult Marketing Group ( It's our duty to Catapult each other to greatness). It is easy for newbies to start using social media just to push content out and I've been talking about what is possible when they take it to the next level and get involved in and with others.
    I love working with small businesses. It is very gratifying to see the great strides they make, starting from ground zero, with minimal investment, developing their communities and extending the reach of their brands. I wonder what it is like working at the level you now do, with the huge corporate clients you work with? Is the magic still there?