10 Awesome Social Media Plugins and Management Tools for WordPress
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Almost every WordPress website could use a social media plugin or two. Take a look at our list of 10 awesome social media plugins and management tools for WordPress.

Social Sharing Plugins

1. Add Twitter Facebook Google Plus One Social Share
Add Twitter Facebook Google Plus One Social ShareAdd Twitter Facebook Google Plus One Social Share is a simple floating social sharing bar. It comes with a couple of handy user options and allows you to change where the bar floats on your site as well as minor style customizations. The plugin also features LinkedIn, Stumbleupon and Pinterest (which it doesn’t mention in it’s title).

2. Floating Social Bar

Floating Social Bar WP Plugin

Floating Social Bar is another social sharing plugin for WordPress that allows you to place sharing buttons at the bottom of posts and/or pages. It is what we currently are using for our social sharing plugin and is a simple, yet effective, way to engage your sites audience.

3. Po.st: The Social Sharing Platform that Generates Revenue for Your Website

Po.st WordPress Plugin

Po.st is another WordPress plugin that adds an attractive social sharing bar to your website. As seen in the image above, you can easily select one of many different layouts for your social bar with handy visual examples. The interesting additional feature that po.st offers is the ability to monetize your social shares by adding ads into the sharing options screens.

This way, when someone shares a post they are redirected back to your website where they are shown an advertisement.

4. Share Buttons by AddThis

ShareThis Social Buttons

Share Buttons by AddThis allows you to add share buttons to the top or bottom of your posts in one of the layouts pictured. The bonus of Share Buttons by AddThis is that it offers a clean analytics tool to monitor your share activity on your site.


5. Click to Tweet [Tweet “Make sharing on Twitter from WordPress easy with the Click to Tweet plugin!”]Click to Tweet is a very attractive and effective way to get your site’s audience to tweet a certain message for you. We use it on our site as seen above. Go ahead, click on it and give it a test. Pretty cool, huh?

Social Follow Plugin

6. Social Media Widget

Screen shot 2014-07-03 at 3.22.58 PMSocial Media Widget is a simple WordPress plugin that adds a widget to your available widgets on your site. You can place and customize your follow buttons into any widget area add the links to your various social media sites and allow your sites users to connect with you.

Instagram Plugin

7. Instagrate & Instagrate Pro

Looking for an easy way to auto-import your Instagram account pictures into your WordPress website? Look no further. Instagrate will create a new post in your site each time you publish to your Instagram account and automatically import the image and attach it to the post. You can customize the options on whether or not you’d like to auto-publish or just set the post to a draft so you can come back and write a bit about the image before the post is published.

Social Media Managers

8. Buffer App

Buffer App allows you to pre-schedule posts to Facebook and Twitter. It’s a big time saver to write and gather multiple social media posts at once, but you probably don’t want to publish them all at once. With Buffer App you can make sure your posts are posted at ideal times without having to log in anywhere.

9. TweePi

TweePi allows you find people to follow on twitter and clean up your lists. If you’re new to twitter or haven’t fully leveraged your social connections, Tweepi is a great place to start. You can find some successful tweeters from your field and see who they follow and follows them, then you can connect with those same people, and many of them will follow you back. You can read more about Tweepi in a post we wrote.


10. Jetpack

Jetpack is a handy tool built by WordPress’s Automattic that adds a lot of key functionality with one plugin. The features include, but are not limited to: handy stats, email subscriptions, social integrated commenting system, recent tweet widget, and many many more. If you haven’t checked out all that they offer recently, take another look, they’re always adding something new.

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  • Bastian Rappl

    Hello Judi,

    thank you very much for sharing your thoughts about the different WordPress plugins. We ourselves are running several WordPress blogs on which we use several different plugins i.e. Yoast SEO, Icegram and Jetpack.
    Before adding plugins to a blog one should really take in consideration which plugins are important and which aren´t. Too often bloggers are using too many plugins for their WordPress blog.
    Instead of making life easier too many plugins can have the opposite effect.

    In my eyes social media share buttons as well as SEO tools are two of the most important plugins for your blog.
    But to really bring your blog marketing efforts to the next level I think you have to cross-promote your content on as many different social media networks as possible.
    For automatically cross-posting your blog posts on different social media networks I want to recommend the Blog2Social WordPress plugin to you ( http://www.blog2social.com ). It has powerful options for easily sharing your posts across all popular social media networks in one easy step. You can optionally customize your posts for each network and automatically schedule your posts for the best times to share. The plugin is a big time saver for cross-promoting your posts.

    I’d love to hear what you think about it.

    Happy sharing and best regards,

    • Judi Knight

      Thanks Bastian, I will take a look. Posting to all the social sites is a pain:-)

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