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Susan of Asher PR sent us a link to this very timely Twitter Tips for WordPress post on Smashing Magazine’s website. Smashing Magazine is one of my favorite sites for design tips and inspiration. Another one of our clients,  Global Girl has really taken off Twittering. Global Girl calls frequently for tips on becoming a Twitter power user and when she found Tweetdeck, she was totally hooked. After she gets a hold of these tips, we are going to have to do an intervention on her or else just start referring people to her for tips and tricks.|

This article will get anyone off to a great start using their blog with Twitter to its best advantage.The hacks to the code maybe a little risky for some beginners. So beginners, if you embark on hacks that involve changing code in your PHP files, just be sure to copy the content of the original file into a text editor first,  in case something goes wrong. Then if you make a change and your site blows up you can simply add the original file back and try again. It is really pretty easy.

I am anxious to test out the Twit This and the Twit It Up WordPress plugins. I have been meaning to add a “Twitter This” link on our posts, so this will get one more item off of my to do list. Stay tuned for which one I think works better! And let us know if you try some of these tips which you found useful and why. Happy Twittering.

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  • Marsha Thompson

    Just wanted to say thank you for the great how-to articles about WordPress, they have been a big help! Keep up the good work!

    • Judi

      Thanks Marsha. I love to hear that people are reading them! It keeps me going.

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