Adjusting to Rapidly Changing Realities

It was 6 PM last Saturday night in San Diego, when the phone rang while I was waiting for the shuttle that would take me to the airport for my red-eye flight back to Atlanta. It was my daughter, [...]


Mindset is Key: The Power of Choice

I believe that although things do happen “to us” such as we were born poor, had a bad childhood, got sick, didn’t go to college, were left by the love of our life. These stories of what happened [...]


The Shoemaker’s Kid Has a New Website

I recently got to thinking about how it is that professionals and even masters as well, can tend towards putting ourselves last. It’s way too easy to get caught up in our day-to-day business [...]


How to Build WordPress Confidence

You may know that one of the presentations I do at WordCamps around the country is on user-experience research on home page design.  I teach some of the best practices and then take volunteers [...]