Website Content is the Hardest Part

Let’s start off by telling the truth: Creating new content is the hardest part of a web design project and often times presents an ever-present possibility for getting bogged down. It’s hard for [...]


Practice Asking for Your Wildest Dreams

One of the most important skills we need to learn in order to have a great life and a thriving business is the ability to ask for what we want. It’s not easy, and it is complicated. You [...]

Permission to Call It Quits

In our business we help a lot of people in situations where they are starting up or starting over. And the uncomfortable truth is that most every time we are starting up, first came a tough [...]


Segmenting Your Audience With A Quiz

Over the past seven years of sending out the Just a Digital Minute, I have built up my mailing list to about 3,000 people. Last year, I surveyed this group to find out just who was out there and [...]