Design Your Home Page With Your Clients In Mind

Too many business owners websites are designed as a showcase for their business. Their mistaken idea is that if they look good people will be impressed and want to work with them. But, not so. [...]


A Lot To Be Thankful For

The end of November is always special to me. I’m a November Sagittarian which most years, has my birthday on the 29th coming right on the heels of Thanksgiving.   Some years, I celebrate it [...]


Web Design Path to Pro Interview Series

Given that my circuitous path to WordPress pro isn’t that unusual, I thought it would be fun and illustrative to hear from some other pros in the WordPress community to find out about the paths [...]


Using Screenflow to Create Tutorials With Voice-Over Slides

Just last week I finished recording the videos for the start of the WP Web Designer Mastery Course. The course, which teaches web designers or developers to price, close, build and deliver [...]