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about page contentWhat if your website were able to attract customers and present your business and your products in a way that has them fly off their virtual shelves? It’s possible, but it does take some consistent website love and attention.  Some people launch their websites and never look at their content again until it’s so out of date that they can’t stand it anymore. A much better approach is to keep up with your content as you go along.

For example, did you know that your ABOUT page is one of the most important pages on your website? In fact, it’s the second most visited website page after the Home page.

I have a great idea. Why don’t you take a look at your About page content from the point of view of your ideal client?  What do you think? How does it read? Does your introduction need a little work?

If you really think about the actual purpose of an ABOUT page, which is to make a connection with your target client, you’ll have an easier time getting a handle of how and what to write.

You may think that you need to make this page all about you or your business. But, if you go all about me, me, me on your About page, you’ll most likely lose your visitor’s interest.  Those of you who are reticent about talking about yourselves, and so plug in a resume or stiff third person bio, will also miss this opportunity to connect.  In either case, your About page is doing nothing towards building a trusting relationship with your visitors.

Think of your About page as the page where you start a conversation with your ideal client. You might try leading with an anecdote about why you do what you do that shows empathy with what your clients are experiencing. A lead in such as this begins a connection and then your visitor will be curious to know more.

Here are a few recommendations to make your About page important page work for you.

  • Show up on your site. Spring for a new professional photograph. Be sure your pics show you as accessible. Smile and don’t close yourself off with your arms crossed in front of your body. Don’t overdress. Your about page should show you in the type of clothes your clients would see you wear if they were to meet with you in person.
  • Be yourself. Don’t write the bio in third-person and if you are a sole practitioner, don’t use the third person. DON’T: Kelly Williams loves the challenge of creating visually-dynamic websites. DO: I love the challenge of creating visually dynamic websites.
  • Use a conversational voice when writing. Your copy should not read like a resume or anything that sounds close to a resume. There are some professions that might require a resume or Curriculum Vita but add it as a downloadable PDF.
  • You don’t need to outline your entire life or work history. Make what you tell people relevant to what they are interested in. Throw in a couple of humanizing items as well.

Not that this is the only way to do it, but feel free to take a look at my About Page if you’d like to see an example of an about page in action.

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  • Jon Bradie

    Judy, one of my collaborators has a pretty unique way of presenting bios on her site, in a Q&A interview format with her cadre. Mine is the first one posted:
    We had some fun putting it together; I also created her new icon and wordmark.

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