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Website PresenceI’ve spoken to a lot of small business owners about their websites these past few weeks, and I can tell you that there are a lot of people desperate for information about how to get an online presence.

It’s not enough just to be online. Your site should be designed, and the content written, in a way that demonstrates your expertise with a particular kind of client/issue and gives them the information they need to do business with you.

These days, by the time someone contacts you from your website, they have done a search for your services and are 70% of the way to making a decision to work with you. If your site does a good job, when someone calls, your job will be to close the sale.

Here is some of the specific advice I gave in various conversations this week:

Should I do it myself?

Your best bet is to hire an expert to help build your online presence unless you are technical, have good design skills, are really good at digital marketing and have a lot of time on your hands. I am not talking about hiring your next-door neighbor’s teenager’s friend.

How do I find a Web Designer ?

Before engaging an expert, look at their website, is it professional? Look at the sites in their portfolio and actually check their references. It is really easy to create a website that looks amateurish, and will not convert a visitor into a client.

You certainly don’t want to pay someone to do a bad site. It is sad when someone comes to me after they have just spent money on a website that for a variety of reasons doesn’t meet their needs.

I have traffic but no one is contacting me. What can I do?

Most importantly, you need a website that can convert your visitors into clients before spending money on advertising or SEO. Although tempting, it won’t help to get 2,500 visits a day, if your site does not project the right image with good clean design, targeted copy and calls to action. Otherwise, it’s like spending money air-conditioning your house while every window is wide open.

Your first goal should be to create an irresistible, online presence that gives your visitors a reason to stay on your site, join your mailing list and get to know you. Then, you can work on getting more visitors. Don’t get ahead of yourself and invite people to the grand opening when you are not ready. Let me know if I can help.

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