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I wanted to share with you a conversation that I had with Andrew Kimball last week. Andrew interviewed me for a series he is doing on his blog, Freewheelin Lifestyle. Andrew’s mission is to connect with people around the world who are striving to live authentically and purposefully. He has started the Freewheelin Lifestyle Project where he plans to interview 100 people this year who are living their own versions of authentic kick ass lives. I was very happy that Andrew asked me to talk to him about my own journey. He is a great interviewer and got me on a roll talking about how I live my life and how I ended up here in 2011 after doing so many different and amazing things in my life.

I think it is a really wonderful project. It is an ingenious way for this new blogger to gain readership and it is looking like it will be very interesting – if I do say so myself as I was number two interviewee! So check out, Freewheelin Lifestyle Project Take Two- Judi Knight, It’s Never Too Late. There are a more than a few secrets in there!

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