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WordCamp Atlanta 2019
What I know for sure is that just about every web designer and developer loves the following five things:

1.)   Honing their craft of building great websites
2.)   Working with clients who understand their value
3.)   Creating a demand for their services
4.)   Earning the respect of their peers
5.)   Working with a dog at their feet or a cat in their lap and a pot of coffee at hand

All of this takes having a foundation in what I call the Seven Core Competencies of a WordPress Web Designer. One of those seven competency areas is web design. But, you won’t be a competent web designer until you understand how to conceptualize what goes on a person’s website, the best practices for laying out the site and how you go about getting the information you need from your clients.

I cover all that and more in a four-month online course, with coaching that I created several years ago, The WP Web Designers Mastery Course. The price of this intensive course is $2,500. And, that’s a bargain. So if you’re serious about web design as a career, I hope you check it out sometime.

In the meantime, you’re in luck because Michael Earley and I will be at WordCamp Atlanta 2019 doing a one-day workshop for aspiring web designers.  The workshop starts with content and user-experience in the morning and after a free lunch, we’ll get into the actual design portion of the day.  Specifically, we’ll demonstrate how you can use the Elementor Page Builder plugin to create attractive and effective websites for your clients – the same way we do for ours.

How much will this cost?

Here’s what’s sort of unbelievable. Just seventy-five dollars will get you a three-day ticket to WordCamp which includes a full-day pre-camp workshop. The Aspiring Designer’s Workshop will be held on May 3rd, the next day the regular two-day WordCamp begins with sessions that cover a wide range of topics at all different levels.

The cost is so affordable because everyone involved with a WordCamp is a volunteer. Most of the WordCamp organizers and presenters make their livings using WordPress, and we are happy to give back to the community that makes it all happen.

I invite you to get a three-day ticket to WordCamp Atlanta so you can attend our workshop.

I promise that you’ll walk away with a foundation in what we think are best practices and gain some skills in a tool which will help you to build websites for your clients and have a career you love.

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