Atlanta WordCamp Heating Up
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With WordCamp Atlanta just two days away, things are really starting to heat up. I have a great team and a strong community that helps to produce this event, and let me tell you, the third time is much easier than the first!

Usually, sponsorship chairman is an onerous job because you have to seek out and track down money.  Our sponsorship chair got off light, his biggest task we fielding all the calls from people who were lined up to sponsor WordCamp Atlanta.  We raised enough money in two weeks, and had to take down the sponsorship tab off our website.

This happened partly because WordCamp Atlanta has a good reputation, but also because there are so  many individuals and companies that want to give back to this amazing community.

Last weekend, we had a great beginner’s workshop put on by our friends at Georgia State University. They know a few things about training people to use WordPress after going through a migration of their entire university-wide website to WordPress in the last year!  The site is run with one WordPress multi-site which hosts over 150 sites for the various departments. I believe our beginner’s were in very good hands.

My presentation at WordCamp this year is “WordPress Under the Hood.” It is for people that are ready to start doing more on their sites than just blogging.  I have no interest in changing a tire, or a spark plug, but early on, I found it very empowering, and now essential, to understand how sites are put together and where things are when I need to fix something.  I especially want to see women receive training to become proficient with the technical underpinnings of WordPress.

If you have any interest in WordPress, find a Meetup or a WordCamp in your neck of the woods.

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