No More Bad Stock Photos, Use Instagram
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InstagramInstagram is my fun place. I don’t use it to “get business,” I use it because I love snapping pics that I find interesting.  I like that I can instantly share them with others through Instagram, and if I want I can send an image to Facebook or Twitter. Although I don’t specifically use it for business, my feed does give people, who follow my feed, a sense of who I am and keeps me in front of mind.

I feel like I really get to know the people I am following by the images they share. It is another way you create the brand of “You”.

If you don’t have Instagram yet, you can download the app to your smart phone and get a free account. The photos you take with the app will go to your feed, but first, you can apply different filters to edit them and then share them in several different ways. People who start following you can like your images and leave comments.

Did you realize you can easily use your Instagram images on your website?

There are several plugins that help you do this.  I use the WordPress plugin, Instagrate when I want a steady stream of images to be uploaded to my website as draft blog posts. Then I can go in add a little text and publish the ones I want to keep.

But, you can also easily embed a single Instagram image into your post by grabbing its Embed code from Instagram.

Here is how:

1.  First, go to your Instagram page on the web. Go to to your computer and type:

2. Find and select the photo (or video) that you’d like to embed on your site.  At the bottom of the image you will find a comment bar with three little dots to the right.

3. Clicking on the dots gives you a drop down menu where you select “Embed”.  This give you the code and a button to use to copy it to your clipboard.

4. Paste the code into in the text view (code view) of one of your WordPress posts.  In edit mode, the image will appear as a plain box until you preview or publish and look at the visitor view.
This is a great way to get new Instagram followers since they can click through to your Instagram account. When there, they can like the image or leave a comment.

Have fun and follow me on Instagram!

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