Become More Relevant with Internal Links
 In Search Engine Optimization

ChainlinkThis week, I heard Dan Morris speak about building a blogging Empire. He had some gems in his presentation.

One thing I know, but I totally forget to do for SEO, is to build in internal links from a post I am writing on a particular subject to some of my other blog posts on the same subject.

What does that mean and why should you do it? Google gives your post search engine ranking on the basis of relevance. It crawls your site to see what you are up to and to find out how relevant your post is to the body of knowledge you wrote about.

Google measures relevance in a number of ways. First, of course, you have to write a good post that actually mentions the words you are trying to rank for. Then Google gives you brownie points in their algorithm if people visit your post, link to your post, and share or like your post. Those actions all count as votes of confidence, that what you wrote deserves to get some Google love.

The thing I tend to forget is that we can link to and from our own posts and before long, we build a big web of relevant content on our own sites. The Google bots see them and index them, then notice the connections you have on particular subjects on your site and they rank your posts higher, seeing you as an authority on that subject.

Next time you write a post, think about other posts you have written on the same topic and make a couple of relevant links to them. Please check out this post for more SEO tips. You can also go back in and add links to posts you have written before to become more relevant with internal links.

Why don’t you give it a try?

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