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The Big Dog Series is coming to an end today and what an amazing run it’s been. I want to give a big  howl of appreciation to our Big Dog guest bloggers who have come and shared their juiciest bones with us and dare I say let us sniff their … well maybe not.

This series was not a walk in the park for me. My first big challenge was getting off the dime and doing it at all.  I knew it would be a good thing for me to do. I just “knew” that this was what was next for me to do. But, I was busy “doing the work” of making websites for people and I kept postponing the series mainly because it seemed hard and I didn’t know how it was going to work out.

I first got hung up thinking of a name, really.  Then I  stalled when I needed to ask people to participate. I waited and procrastinated thinking that I would know when it felt “right” to ask. Yes,  you should have some relationship with the people you ask online, but I did have those relationships.  I had formed them online and in real life over the course of the previous year. Who should I choose? What if they said no? What if it is a flop? It was way easier to do nothing and stay on the porch.

Once I got off that lounge chair and asked people to be a part of this, I was fine. Most were an immediate, yes. A couple couldn’t for various reasons but said to ask again next time.  With that behind me,  I had to set up all of the technical aspects of putting a series together with all of  its moving parts and pieces. But that was the easier thing for me since I already have those skills.

But whoa, then came time to actually write the first post of the series. I had a choice to make; play it safe and hide behind my alpha dog facade or step out and take a huge risk acknowledging what was up and put myself out there.  If I was going to ask people to take risks, face fears and unleash themselves from the chains that were holding them back, it was up to me to lead the way. It was really hard to write the post about my weight gain. Before I hit publish, I was a wreck. Afterwards, I felt relief and support and joy. I knew I was on the path to taking care of my health and I knew this series was off to an amazing start.

Oh there were a few glitches. It took me three times to get the e-mail  link sent out right that first day and twice on the last! I finally could only shake my head and say, ” Oh well”.  And here’s a tip, don’t try and adjust the background colors in your input fields while in the middle of high traffic blog series.  The day I  muffed that up,  my site went down at lunch time for twenty minutes. I got twenty e-mails about it before I could get it back on track.

But all of those things were part of what made it great.  I stepped off the porch, I not only survived,  but I feel freedom and joy. And I feel blessed to have been able to be here  with all of you as you shared your fears, your challenges, your dreams and your love in your post comments and on Twitter. Some of you got on Twitter for the first time. Some of you started your blogs. We made some new friends and reconnected and deepened connections with people we already knew. Thanks so much for joining me in getting off the porch and throwing off our leashes.  Woof!

Be sure to go back and read any of the Big Dog posts you missed and read the comments too. Then tell me, how has it been for you? What were the moments that moved you? What are you changing about your work? What is next for you that will make  your spirit and your business soar? What are the dreams you have unleashed?


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Thanks to All of You!  


Day Ten


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  • Duane Solem

    Having lived sort of vicariously through those days you talked about I [experienced with you] have some idea of how much work you put in, and how many veils you had to lift to get the truckload out of the parking lot! It was a great journey and you did an amazing job!!

  • Christie

    Judi – Just jumping in on the "tail end" of the series. Great job and wonderful posts all around. Looking forward to seeing you in Sept @ CIP.

    Chelsea's “Try not to be so hard on yourself and just do what you can to launch” speaks directly to where I am right now. So needed to read that!

    and …. Brandon's “I followed what my heart was telling me, and I remained open to possibilities that unfolded along the way.” is so great. Sarah has been reminding me to not hold things so tightly.

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