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Penny Carnathan's headerFrom Penny, my new client upon receiving my first comp for her logo and site header,

I love, love, love it Judi!! I have goosebumps! It is so totally better than anything I envisioned. And you have totally tapped my personal zeitgeist — a lot of my home decor is kitschy old Florida complete with (how did you know???) framed postcards.  I love the colors, I love the style, I love you!!!

I have to say it is really great. Penny writes a garden blog in the Tampa Saint Petersberg area.  I am glad she loved it since I also loved it and might have had to take up Florida gardening and use it myself if Penny  if that design didn’t work for her!

I am originally from Florida and have gardened in Florida and had a good idea of where I would take this project after talking to Penny on the phone for an hour. Sometimes it just works that way. I think it is the easiest to come up with a brand and logo for someone when the person I am working with has a good sense of themselves and their style.

I was on a call today with my business coach who had everyone go through an exercise telling the story of your business. She had us visualizing all of the elements of our businesses in metaphorical terms. If it were a character who would it be? If it were a place where would it be? What does it smell like? What does it taste like? And so on…

I think when I am doing branding and logo work I am most able to nail it for the client if they are able to communicate the essential being of their business to me. Sometimes they are able to use their words to describe what they are looking for. Sometimes I get it it by talking to them and getting to know them and their company better. Either way, the more they “own” and actually radiate their business, the better or I get fuzzy , diffuse messages and have a hard time hitting the mark because their is not one. This also happens when someone is trying to appeal to a broad audience and not offend anyone. If we are going to find “our people” we need to put ourselves out there.If we do that authentically,  it makes it easier for us to write which makes it easier for our readers to decide whether they are in the right place and want to come back. I told someone today that getting a logo design was a bit like getting a tattoo in that it is personal and you really have to like it for your business.  You really should not go in to a tattoo shop and say well what do you recommend! And then say well no that’s not it and not that either. Have an opinion. Own it and make it yours.

I can’t wait to finish Penny’s website. It is going to rock because people love her and her style and I am glad I could help make her vision materialize. Stay tuned  to see the site by signing up for my Just a Digital Minute newsletter which comes out every Wednesday morning with one social media tip per week. I  feature my newly launched sites there, so Penny’s will be coming out real soon!

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