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Popcorn and a starWelcome to my first Webcam video! I know I should have done one sooner. I have been telling my clients to add video to their sites. But have I done it before? Hell no! I just couldn’t get over myself and was critical about how I looked on camera. And,  I really didn’t know how to record myself. So excuses, excuses. I am blasting them away with my inaugural video on how to do a video and not look bad.

Here is my video where I go over some pointers on how to look your best on a Webcam and  then I give tips afterwards on how to create one.  Check it out!


How To Look Your Best on a Webcam Video

  1. Find a location that has a non-distracting background.
  2. Sit in a chair that puts your eyes at or slightly above the camera eye.
  3. Have a light source behind the computer. You can use a sunny window, desk lamp or a goose neck lamp.  Turn off the other lights and close the other blinds so your face is lit from the front.
  4. Wear some make up and fix your hair. It will show that you cared.
  5. Don’t sit too close or too far away. You may need to do a practice round or two to get this right.
  6. Move the video display where you will be able to see yourself down away from your eye level and look directly into the eye of the camera so that you maintain eye contact with your viewers.
  7. Relax and smile. (You may need a drink)

Instructions on Making a WebCam Video (with a Mac)

  1. Go to iPhoto ( I had never done this before). iPhoto allows you to record directly from your computer using its internal camera and mike.
  2. There are three things you can do in iPhoto: take a photo, take a “one in four” photo and record a video. Choose to Record a Video.
  3. A box will come up with a start button. Push Start.
  4. iPhoto will count down 4,3,2,1  and then you are live.
  5. Smile and start talking.
  6. When you have completed your spiel,  stop the recording.
  7. You will wonder, “How in the world do I save this darn thing?” Don’t worry.  iPhoto automatically saves the files in your Pictures directory in a new folder called, iPhoto.
  8. It will save the video in Quick Time format.
  9. Upload the file to Vimeo or to You Tube. Hint: Vimeo Plus lets you choose the opening frame of the video and does not put a play arrow right on your nose which is by the way, not attractive.
  10. Set up the Vimeo Plus controls to display the video as you would like it to appear. For example you can choose not to show the title or the author which would by default be displayed in the upper left corner of the video.
  11. Vimeo and You Tube allow you to write a full description of your video so be sure to do so and include a link to your website. You want people to find it in a search and follow it back to your website. Videos hosted on these sites are great for SEO.

I like the feeling of connection a video gives me to someone who I follow. So I want to create that for my visitors. Now that I have broken through my resistance, I am going to keep the ball rolling and do even more. You know, it really wasn’t bad. In fact, I was having such fun that I went ahead and did a couple of other videos while I was on a roll. And of course, I wanted to take full advantage of that professional  make-up job :- .

A Challenge: Break Through Your Resistance

In order to help you break through your resistance, I am challenging you to make a short video – 60 seconds or less, telling me who you are, what you are doing or want to do and why you read our blog posts.  The New Tricks team will select the top three to get a Free, thirty minute Talk It Out Session and I will post your video on my site,  with a link back to yours. You can post the link to your video in the comments or e-mail them to me at judi@newtricksdotme.


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  • Jerry Moulton


    I did a hangout on air from Google+ a few nights ago. Then copied the embeded code from that into my wordpress page. In just a few seconds, I was live on G+, Youtube and my WP site all at once. When I was done, the Youtube video was saved both in my Youtube channel, and on my WP page.

    What a great way to interact with your users, and answer questions from them. Then have that available to your users for a reference video.

    • judi

      Jerry, I haven't done a hangout. Why don't you invite me to one so I can check it out?

  • @JanetShingleton

    I think you did a great job, Judi, on your inaugural video! I, too, am self-conscious about being in front of the camera (as a photographer, I'm much more at home *behind* the lens!), but your challenge to "break through your resistance" encourages me to put my fears aside and just go for it!

    I like the lighting and the screen height tips, and I'll remember to make an effort to look more "professional" when I'm on camera (although I won't have a make-up artist at my disposal!). Thanks for all of the time and effort you put into your blog posts — I enjoy them and learn from them.
    Have a great day!

    • judi knight

      Thanks Janet! Now where is your video? I’d love to see you give it a try.

  • bradalanlong

    Great job Judie!

    I've recorded several videos already and I'm looking forward to posting them on my new blog after I attend your WordPress class next week!

    Can't wait!

    Brad Long https://www.facebook.com/bradalanlong

    • judi knight

      Brad, glad you are going to be in the class. We will give you a ring to make sure you have everything you need to make the most of it. Judi

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