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Funnel Illustration for Buffer AppMy new best secret weapon app that saves me steps  make  sharing articles on Tweeter easier is called Buffer App. It is a free app that lets me schedule my tweets so that they come out at predetermined times throughout the day.

Twitter is like fishing for salmon. You stand at the river and the fish are going downstream. You see one you like and you grab it. While you have that fish others are swimming on by.

To make sure your tweets are being seen by a variety of people, it is great to have them come out at various times during the day, rather than the same old times that you are always on Twitter. Since most people have favorite times to be on Twitter, scheduling improves the chances your tweets will be seen by people other than those on at the same time you are.

When you have a tweet that you want people to take notice of, it is perfectly acceptable to send it out a couple of times a day. You will want to change it up a little before sending it out multiple times. Other apps including TweetDeck and HootSuite allow you to schedule the Tweets but you have to add them one by one with a time. It is a little gawky. I have found Buffer to make this really easy since you add the tweet and it automatically sends it out on a predetermined schedule that you have selected.

Now, I am getting to the best part. By adding Buffer App to your browser of choice, you can use it to add a tweet from a post you like, on the fly. You can be reading a post and when you find one that you’d like to tweet, right click and select the Buffer option, it will create the tweet for you. You can edit it on the spot by adding a little intro, Tweet it out right then or send it to the Buffer for later. It will  get tweeted out when its turn comes around.

A free Buffer App account allows you to keep ten tweets in the buffer, which will be fine for most people. If you are a power user, or a power user wannabe, then they offer a paid account allowing you to buffer up to 50 tweets, at ten dollars per month.

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