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Project Highlights :

Nancy Bennett Photography now has a showcase for her beautiful portfolio on her new site, Capture Time. New Tricks helped Nancy, and business partner Brenda Stubbs, create a site to launch her new focus on senior photography. Nancy has long been known for her intuitive, creative work with children and has recently discovered the beauty of photographing people at he other end of the stages of life.

An important component of the new site was that it have a simple design that let the photos speak for themselves.  Another big factor for Nancy was that it should be easy for her to maintain herself. She had come to one of the New Tricks free seminars earlier in the year to learn about blogging and had started the site herself but needed a bit of help fine tuning the right design. We got the site launched on in one afternoon and Nancy was so excited about  the site that she stayed up until 3 AM that night entering and categorizing some of her favorite photographs.

New Tricks Services:

  • Free seminar: client attended a New Tricks seminar and chose to change her site to
  • Website creation: Helped to choose an appropriate theme for this portfolio site.
  • Training: Taught Nancy to work with her photos to display them on the site.

Budget: $

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