Manage Your Reputation Online

The Internet is a double-edged sword. It can help you build your reputation or it can shoot it down.  But, if you’re in the public eye in any way, applying to colleges, looking for jobs, up for a [...]


Cool Tool Tip #3: Create a Tweet That Others Can Click To Tweet

I’m all about alerting you to tools that simplify marketing your business online. Tools that can bring you more shares and more traffic with less work are especially awesome. One is Click to [...]


Twitter: Everything You Need to Know

Twitter has been referred to as a “virtual water cooler” because it provides a meeting place for all the latest news, cultural happenings and information in every niche imaginable. You can use [...]


Are They For Real? Fake Facebook Fans and the Damage They Do

Recently on my New Tricks Facebook Page I noticed a trend of young men from third world countries liking our company’s page. That didn’t seem right. I know our target market: Mainly small to [...]


End Your Confusion and Doubt: 20 Practical Tips to Bring in Business With Your Website

If you’ve recently launched a website, and are getting crickets, here’s how to avoid two big issues I see all the time. Confusion, which says, “I don’t know what to do to get my website to bring [...]


Get Started: Instagram for Business

Many of my clients are so busy doing what they do well that they look to us for guidance on how to tell their story on the most relevant social media platforms. I have been using a personal [...]


Need More Time In Your Life? Try Automating

“How can I find more time?” A client asked me that, and I can surely identify with that question! Life goes so fast that we business owners are struggling to get more done in less time. There is [...]


Stop Flying Under the Radar: The Importance of a Social Network

It may come as a surprise that many of our clients are not very technical, and some even go as far as to pride themselves on their resistance to using LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media [...]


Find Yourself a Twitter Chat

People often have a difficult time figuring out how to get started on Twitter. A great way to start is with a Twitter chat. Participating in Twitter chats can be a great way to find a group of [...]


No More Bad Stock Photos, Use Your Instagram Pics on Your Website

Instagram is my fun place. I don’t use it to “get business,” I use it because I love snapping pics that I find interesting.  I like that I can instantly share them with others [...]