Getting To Know You: About Page Content

  What if your website were able to attract customers and present your business and your products in a way that has them fly off their virtual shelves? It’s possible, but it does take some [...]


How to Build Your Web Design Expertise Muscle

If you’re a new web designer who feels a lack of confidence dealing with clients when it comes to making design decisions, 2018 could be a turning point in your business. I’m going to share with [...]


WordPress Plugins You Can Count On

There is a plugin for everything these days. For the less technical readers, a plugin is a piece of software that can be added to a WordPress website to add new features or functionality.   [...]


Design Your Home Page With Your Clients In Mind

Too many business owners websites are designed as a showcase for their business. Their mistaken idea is that if they look good people will be impressed and want to work with them. But, not so. [...]


Proud and Exhausted

Over the past eight months or so I’ve wondered about my motivation for taking on challenges when my life is pretty good without them. I have a busy web design business, a bed and breakfast, a big [...]


Web Designer’s Secrets Revealed 3 Webinar Master Class

What I know for sure is that just about every web designer and developer loves the following five things: Honing their craft at building great websites Working with clients who understand the [...]


Can Non-Designers Learn Design Skills?

Can Non-Designers Learn Design Skills? I’d say that is a resounding, yes. There is someone on my team, I’ve known for a long time, who


Website Performance: How Does Your Site Score?

Website Performance. Never been too interested? Did you know that if your site takes a more than 4 seconds to load, 25% of your potential site visitors will bail before it does? Did you know that [...]


Website Content is the Hardest Part

Let’s start off by telling the truth: Creating new content is the hardest part of a web design project and often times presents an ever-present possibility for getting bogged down. It’s hard for [...]


The Shoemaker’s Kid Has a New Website

I recently got to thinking about how it is that professionals and even masters as well, can tend towards putting ourselves last. It’s way too easy to get caught up in our day-to-day business [...]