How to Change the Name of Your Facebook Page
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Change the Name of Your Facebook PageLearn how to change the name on your Facebook page. It used to be that once you picked a username for your Facebook Page (business page not your personal profile), you couldn’t change it, so you were stuck with whatever name you first selected. The good news is that now you get a do-over and are able to change the name of your Facebook page, but just once, so be sure you pick the one that you want.

How To Change the Name of Your Facebook Page

Your Facebook Page Name is the text that people see at the top of a Facebook Page and next to the profile image in the news feed.

  • Click on “Edit” at the top of your Page, then select “Update Info.”
  • Now you will be in the “Basic Information” section of your Facebook Page settings.
  • Look for the “Name” section where it shows your Page’s current name and find the “Request Change” link.
  • That link will take you to a simple form that allows you to enter the new Page name, say why you are changing it, and provide documentation to support the reason why you are changing it.
  • Your Done! You’ve learned the 4 steps to change the name of your Facebook page!

You can now also change the vanity URL of your Facebook Page.  When you create a Page you are given a weird long URL, which Facebook allows you to change to something more memorable like  Again, the instructions used to warn you that you couldn’t change this but hallelujah, now you can.

If you have a questions about changing the name of your Facebook page, please ask in the comment section below. You can also check out this article in Social Fresh for more complete instructions, How To Claim Your Trademarked Username on Facebook.

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  • Charlie Evans

    Hi – I need to change our Page name on Facebook, but I am worried about the supporting documentation. Does the business name on the supporting documentation need to match exactly the new name? Reason being I don’t want to change the registered company name just yet, I’d rather change the name as it appears on social media and online etc and then change the official UK Company registered name later if it’s required. I am worried that the supporting paperwork (bank statement) doesn’t match exactly my new preferred name then Facebook will reject it? Is this likely? Or is the supporting documentation just to validate that you are a real Admin for the page and not some hacker? The name change I want to make is from ‘Bonk Triathlon’ to ‘Bonk Athletic’ but my worry is that on all my bills the company name read ‘Bonk Triathlon. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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