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Combine your email accounts to one Gmail accountMost people these days have multiple email addresses and it can be frustrating logging into different accounts to check them all. Luckily there are two simple steps to combine all these accounts into one Gmail account.

1. Forward all of your various email addresses to your Gmail account.

Most email clients allow the auto-forwarding of emails. If you have an old yahoo email address, or have an email address through your website host, you can set up all emails sent to those addresses to automatically be sent to your Gmail (or any other) email account. Every email client is different, so, if you need exact instructions on where to find the forwarding options for your email client, just Google “your email client set up forwarding” for details.

Fowarding Emails Bluehost

2. Set up a “Send As” for each of your email addresses on your Gmail Account (the one you want to be your main account). Setting this up allows you to send emails from your main Gmail account and have the sending address be one of your other email addresses.

2A) Navigate to the “Send Mail As” section of Gmail Settings. (Pictured Below)


2B) Click “Add another email address you own.”

2C) Enter the email address that you are trying to “send as” from your Gmail account. I recommend treating the email address as an alias.

Gmail Add Email Address You Own

2D) Unless you know what your doing and have reason to do otherwise, send the mail through Gmail.

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 12.02.12 PM

2E) Send the verification to your email address your trying to add to your Gmail.

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 12.02.21 PM

2F) Because we have already set up a forwarder in step 1, this verification should be auto-forwarded to your Gmail inbox. Accept the verification.

2G) Repeat steps 1 & 2 for all of your extra email addresses.



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  • Lynne

    This is not very clear to me. Perhaps you could revise it to add a sample name for the receiving email address (where you are receiving) is and the name of the email account that you are forwarding to the receiving email. For example I want to receive the email at my main account superguest@gmail and I will be forwarding from my other emails guestsidejob@gmail and guest1@mybusiness (a gmail account).

    Are you setting up the "send as" (step 2) in the superguest@gmail account, listing both the guestsidejob@gmail and guest1@mybusiness email addresses or are you setting up the send as in the two email addresses that you will be forwarding to superguest?

    You don't have to post this comment. Thanks for the blog; I really enjoy your new tricks!

    • judi knight

      Thanks Lynne, If you are having this question I am sure you are not the only one. Thanks for speaking up since it allowed us to revise the post.

      Here is Michael’s explanation:

      This email is an example of one that I’m sending from my main gmail account ( but it’s being sent as
      I was able to do this by setting up a “send as” on my main gmail account ( to add my account to the gmail. Then when I go to compose an email or reply to an email, there is a dropdown selector to choose which email address I want to send the email from.

      You add the email forwarder on the account you’re trying to forward (in my case and not have to log into, and you add the send as from the main gmail account (in my case you are trying to send from and log into to manage your mail.

      I hope this has helped clear things up for you. If you have any other question feel free to ask away.

      Thanks for keeping up with our New Tricks!

  • Vicki

    You offer an excellent and simple solution for the schizophrenic identities that life-online can eventuate! Thanks, Judy.

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