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NawboToday, I spoke at a luncheon for the  Atlanta Chapter of The National Organization of Women Business Owners on one of my favorite topics, content marketing. Anyone who knows me realizes I am a fanatic about the power each of us has in this time and place to have our voices heard on a level playing field with media sources and corporations. It amazes me that more business owners don’t utilize all these tools, many of them including WordPress, are absolutely free.

I am really not a professional blogger. I don’t have 30,000 people on my mailing list. I simply write one or two blog posts on this topic each week, share them on social media sites, share other people’s posts and content and send out a online newsletter each week.

Since I have a business to run, I have to be strategic about where to spend my time because I have a small team and we are busy with web design and consulting work. But one of the reasons we have been successful is that I have “walked the walk” by blogging and engaging with people through social media and using my website as the hub of all of my marketing activity . Doing this consistently has people see me as an authority.

In this presentation I go over ten principles of Content Marketing. One of the principles that is important for people to hear is to let your writing demonstrate your expertise rather than claiming expertise yourself. And another biggie, don’t use your blog posts to sell. Use your posts to teach or to entertain. You will find the people that resonate with you and they will line up to give you their business.

Are you having a hard time with your digital presence and so not attracting your right clients?
Learn to show your best face to your prospects and establish your voice and expertise in order to build trust and turn leads into clients.

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  • Heather Herrig

    What a pleasure having you speak at our luncheon on Thursday, Judi! Can’t wait to start getting your newsletter and learning more new tricks from you soon.

    • Judi Knight

      Thanks Heather! I had a great time. Glad to know you will be reading my tips and tricks.

  • Steph Riggs

    The purpose of SEO and social media is to attract maximum people from internet towards a business website or blog. Everyone follow different tips and tricks to attract right clients but your tips are pretty awesome regarding content marketing, SEO and social media. I’ve watched all the slides and appreciate your efforts.

  • Therese Sullivan

    Thanks, Judi! I needed a little pep talk. Your slides reorganized and energized me.

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