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retro luggageLast January, my friend Ivy quit her job as a senior level art director in a digital agency to go traveling for six months. Ivy ‘s travel budget to last that long was predicated on stayed in hostels and watching her spending.

It intrigued me how she could even attempt this since she had been used to traveling on expense accounts and all that comes with that lifestyle.

I hate to admit it but when I am in Portland, I don’t stay at the Ace Hotel which is my most favorite hotel ever, because their futon style mattresses are just too hard.  So I was wondering how she would get along.

Well let me tell you, Ivy just returned from her trip. As she says, she is “fresh off the boat-plane-car-forklift-tuck-tuck-jeepney-elephant, and back in Atlanta”. She has been to the Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos and China. Before coming back to Atlanta she went to our friends’ fishing camp in Alaska where she was hired to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 24 hungry salmon fisherman for the six week season. She looks great, had terrific experiences, and made wonderful friends. She has a couple of freelance jobs and intends to work for herself so she can have the flexibility to do her work when and where she wants to. My hat is off to Ivy for following her dreams.

This morning I read an article in Inc. about courage being the one quality that all entrepreneurs must have because our norm as humans is to stay secure. The article states:

[Tweet “Say yes to courage. “Most people will tolerate just about anything–if only that thing can make them feel more secure” Inc.. “]

Isn’t that sad? And whether an entrepreneur or not, we all have our comfy little routines that if we don’t step out of from time to time to do something new, we start to limit our ability to live our best lives.

For those of you following me regularly, you know I made a commitment a few months ago to say yes to things that will break up my comfy little routines. Traveling is one of the things I am saying yes to which is especially hard to do since I work at home, have a bed and breakfast and three dogs.

But today as you read this, I will be in Paris with no specific plans but to wake up and decide what to do that day. A few days later I will go to Amsterdam and do the same thing.

By no means is my solo trip to Paris and Amsterdam in the same category as Ivy’s courageous move to quit her job and travel the world, but it is a big move for me and I am grateful that my husband will man the fort and take care of the hounds.

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