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I’m all about alerting you to tools that simplify marketing your business online. Tools that can bring you more shares and more traffic with less work are especially awesome.

One is Click to Tweet, a pretty cool tool that allows you to promote your business across social media by simplifying sharing, and to track how many times each of your Tweets have been shared. It allows you to craft the optimal message for people to share with a clickable link to your content and then the Click to Tweet can be embedded in blog posts, emails, or press releases.

This tool makes it super easy for your readers to share content that you’d like to get out to the world. They don’t have to save a link to your content, go to Twitter and compose a tweet before posting it. Creating a pre-written tweet for them to share on Twitter with a push of the button couldn’t be easier for either you or your reader.

Click to Tweet offers three levels of service. The free plan lets you create five Click to Tweets at no charge without the tracking options, a pro plan gives you an unlimited number of Tweets with tracking for $4.95 a month and the enterprise level plan enables heavy hitters to manage multiple accounts for $499 per year.

To get started, go to Click to Tweet and create a message that you want to share when someone clicks the link on your website or newsletter. Click the Generate button and your custom link will be created. Copy it and add to your post or email.

When someone clicks your custom link, your message will automatically be added to their update status box on Twitter—all ready to go out when they simply click the tweet!

There is also a convenient Click to Tweet WordPress Plugin that allows you to create a tweet to click right from your blog post.

To see this in action, why not tweet about this post?  

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  • Socialkenny

    Wow!Decent tips Judi.I'm liking them already,especially the MailChimp one(which should be done with care lol).

  • Linksy

    Judi, great article on Click to Tweet. We created a new tool that allows people to not only share messages on Twitter, but also on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. It's called Linksy. Try it out:

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