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Project Highlights: Penny Carnathan is a journalist and garden blogger working for the Tampa Tribune. She had a column and a blog there called The Dirt. When Penny left the Tribune she also had to leave her garden blog. Penny was sad. New Tricks came to the rescue, suggesting an extension of the name of her previous blog, Diggin Florida Dirt. Penny loved it. I am from Florida and lived in Tampa when in grad school. I have always loved Florida retro. After a couple of conversations with Penny, I knew she would appreciate it too. That gave me the idea to make the blog header look like an old Florida postcard. When I showed it to Penny, she couldn’t believe that, without meeting her, I designed something beyond her expectations that was just perfect for her. She then told me her whole house was decorated with rattan and Florida kitsch and she had a collection of framed antique Florida postcards. Enjoy your new website Penny!Check out Penny’s site

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