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Conceptual keyboard - Law symbol (blue key)Back in the day, it took a lot of money to build a loyal customer base. When I had my software company, we had to spend thousands of dollars on advertising, pr and going to expensive, time consuming trade shows.

That was why later, I was so struck by the power that ordinary people could have using content management websites along with free social media apps to develop a following for our businesses, just like the larger companies and media. The impact of this idea to me was huge and I knew that everyone was going to want and need this technology.

I didn’t set out to have a webdesign and marketing company but I spent a lot of time in my favorite coffee shop and helped my friends with their websites and businesses and people I didn’t know would over hear me and then they’d ask me to help them with their websites too.

I loved doing this and that’s how back in 2008, New Tricks got its start.  In addition to helping other people with their sites,  It was important to me to walk the walk with my own business. My goal was to create an experience with my website where my ideal clients would feel like they were deeply understood; and, would feel comfortable enough to start a conversation with me about how I could help them, much like how it happened in the coffee shop, only on a bigger scale.

I won’t lie. It was slow going at first. I was up to my ears getting my business off the ground doing sites and learning so much. I probably averaged $3.00 an hour that first year!  Then I would also write my blog posts, and would occasionally even send out a newsletter, to the handful of people on my mailing list. I knew if I was going to get any traction, something needed a bit of tweaking.

At first, I offered free, initial consultations on my site. But after I made a few adjustments to my online presence, things started to click.  It got to the point where I had so many people contacting me to “pick my brain” about their businesses that I created a paid  “Talk it Out Session”  as the first step consult for someone who was thinking about working with me.

When that started to happen, I knew I was on the right track.

Today in the tip, I am going to share what I did to attract my right clients. And I believe, if I could do this, you too can create a website that attracts the business that you want.

Find out the big secret to doing this right.

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