Don't be Afraid to Dream Big
 In General

beach-sand-dunesI stood near the water, looking back at the dunes, and envisioned the beach house I was going to build. The winter before, I had drawn up the plans and I knew every inch of the house.

A year or so later, I stood in the same place and saw my vision realized. Creation is powerful stuff. It is what I love about building; whether it is a house, a website or a business.

In order to create, we first have to let ourselves have a vision, a dream, or a plan. Sometimes ideas come fully formed, but most of the time creative acts require a process, like when you create a painting. It starts out as a small pencil sketch. The sketch turns into a drawing and then as the layers of paint go on, the canvas comes to life as your painting.

I especially thrive on the co-creative process that happens when working with a great partner or team. It is heady to share a vision, and have members of the team, come up with amazing details that make the project even better.

Some people dream up great ideas, but hold them close, afraid to share them with anyone. Some people don’t even allow themselves to imagine things they want that are outside of the normal ho hum of life.

Let me get back to the story of my beach house. Years ago, someone told me about a Gulf front townhome she and her husband owned near my childhood home, and said there was another one for sale.

I got excited about having a place at the beach where we could take the kids, and experience summers like I did as a child. Since I was five hours away, I asked my dad if he would drive over to the beach and check it out. He agreed to go over and take a look.

I got a call later that week from my father who said the townhome was expensive for what it was, and was located in an area surrounded by high rises.

He went on to describe a beautiful and very reasonably priced lot for sale, right on the Gulf, next to the National Seashore, with no houses for ten miles.

My dad’s idea was even better than what I had imagined. My husband and I were able to buy the lot with some money down and low payments.  I drew up sketches of the house I wanted to build and took them to an architect to draw up plans.

As it turned out, before we were able to price out materials, a hurricane came through and blew away our beautiful sand dunes with their dense vegetation of yaupons, sea oats and what looked like creeping yellow chrysanthemums. I felt like crying when I saw that the site of my dream vacation home was as flat as a dirt parking lot. With the area devastated, I thought my investment had surely blown away.

The homes that were destroyed were mostly older construction, built before a lot of the wind and flood requirements.

Beachhouse in progressSeveral months later, when the debris was cleared away, the beach town looked much better; people either sold, or had money to repair or rebuild their homes better than before, which caused property values to shoot sky high. The appraised value of our lot more than tripled, which allowed me to get a loan to build the house with no additional money down. One big bonus was spending a lot of time with my dad, who was my eyes and ears on the job in Florida, while the house was under construction.

I mourned the loss of the high dunes, but the sea oats were replanted, and winds blew in redistributing the sand. Eventually I was able to stand at the water looking at the house that I had envisioned, 21 feet above sea level with the big blue Florida sky behind it.

We spent a lot of great family time in that house and when it was time to sell it, we made a great profit given the little down payment that started it all. This all happened because I gave voice to an idea, and enrolled other people in my scheme.

A mission of mine is to empower people to create their ideas, hopes and dreams, in whatever form they take.

To manifest our ideas, we first need to dream them up. Often we hear about something someone else has done, and it inspires us to dream about it. Then these fledgling ideas need to be released to the world, where they get the oxygen they need to grow and develop.

It’s nice to dream on paper but eventually, the best energy for manifesting ideas is to talk about them out loud. The more we get our ideas out there, the more we can get other people excited too. Sure, it may feel risky to expose your dreams to others who might not share them. But, it’s the best way for your ideas to become more real, which in turn helps them to come to fruition. It is actually kind of magic.

If you want great things to happen in your life, you might practice giving voice to your “crazy ideas.” Go ahead and write them down. Talk about them. You will be surprised that very often, the more you do, someone or something will come along to help you bring them to life.

Beachhouse doneHad I not disclosed my dreams for the beach house, and gotten my Dad excited about it, I wouldn’t have had the house; but worse, I never would have had those precious experiences with him before he died.

So go ahead and take some time today to write out your wish list. Just let yourself go and add things you really want, whether big or small. Could be a trip to Paris or a new screen door. Put the list somewhere you can see it every once in a while. It doesn’t hurt to put it where others can see it. Great things will happen. I promise.  Keep in touch and let me know what happens on your end!

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  • Lisa Robbin Young

    Judi, you’re singing my song!

    It takes a lot of courage to own your dreams and go from a vision to fruition. It takes patience, too. So few of us have the confidence to do anything more than dream. Thanks for being a model of how-to for the rest of the world!

    • Judi Knight

      Hey Lisa, Yes you should know. You have big dreams and you make them happen!

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