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It’s back to school for the kids and it has rubbed off on me as I have felt the urge to get my pencils sharpened, clean up my desk and get more organized. I am a big proponent of the need to work on your business as well as in your business and I try to spend at least one day a week on New Tricks business. We have been pretty busy around New Tricks with a lot of different projects.

That is good news and there are a thousand details that need some follow up. I love to check things off of to-do lists in project management software programs like Basecamp or DeskAway. The thing is, the tasks need to be entered on the list, and that is not my strong suit. When there are things that I dislike doing, I know it is time to bring someone in that loves to do those things. That makes a happy team.

I am happy to announce that Carol Sue Young has just joined me, Michael, Cara at New Tricks as a Project Coordinator! Carol Sue will be the goddess that enters things into our project management software, along with other responsibilities such as helping get out the newsletter and doing social media trainings. Yay!

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