Drive Your WordPress Website Like a Ferrari
 In Search Engine Optimization

Ferrari Parked in the DrivewayLast week I did an SEO workshop with Jenny Munn for about 20 people. It turned out that the majority of the class was made up of people whom I have known and watched build their businesses using WordPress over the past several years.

The heartwarming thing was that our group included people who, at one time, would never have blogged or even added words to their sites because it might interfere with their design!  And here they were, adding content and learning how to use keywords to attract people to their sites that are looking for the services they provide.

I like to say that creating an online presence for your business is a lot like having a Ferrari. You can certainly have a snazzy Ferrari, park it in your driveway and maybe some people may drive by and see it sitting there. But, it is so much more powerful to actually get in and drive it around. Before you do, you will need a few lessons on how to drive it. Then, in order for it to work at its best, you will need to fill it with the right gas, oil and water. Without all of those things, you will not experience the results you want.

So it is with a WordPress website. It is like that Ferrari. You can park it there never touching it again, but the magic happens when you learn to use it. The best results come from the combination of adding high quality content to your site, that you and others want to share on social media sites, and that you optimize your content for the keywords that you want to come up for in a search result.

If you do those things, people will come to your site and if it’s attractive and has calls to action that help people engage your services, then you will experience the glory. Doing some of these things is better than not doing them, but when you get the right mix of these activities you will really see a difference in your results.

So hats off to those of you who are going the extra mile with your WordPress sites, insuring that your businesses will get the results you desire.

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