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Man dealing with life's Irritation'sYou know those seemingly small things in your life that cause you big grief, but you never do anything about them other than to curse and mutter? Now is the time to take action.

I have been on a roll this week to eliminate as many of these productivity sucking items I can in order to achieve nirvana. ( or at least not get arrested). I made a list and started working on them,

Top three items:
1. At least once a day and sometimes more, My iMac Pro would slow down and get the spinning beach ball of death causing me to curse it to up and down and eventually reboot.

2. My Gmail contacts on my desktop were not synced with the contacts on my phone so that when I was out and about and had to make a call, the contact would not show up there, causing me to be irritated and waste time.

3. My big sock basket is a huge unmated mess, and everyday It takes me way to long to find socks that match, causing me to curse the sock basket and threaten to throw it away and start over.

I can proudly say that I have eliminated these items from said list. I did it all in one afternoon/evening and it was painless. Woohoo!

1. Turns out my computer needed some new RAM. (Why the company I took it to last year couldn’t figure this out, I don’t know) My machine had only 4 MGs of Ram and it was clear if you knew how to look which I now do, that I was running on empty. There was space for 16 MGS which went into little slots accessible with a Philips head screwdriver. Who knew? Time involved: 30 minutes to evaluate, 45 minute trip to Best Buy and 15 minutes to install.

2. I Googled syncing my contacts between iphone and gmail and found that with e, Apple implemented native Google Contacts sync via a process called CardDAV, which requires little setup and acts as a true two-way sync. 5 minutes to search Google for how to do it, 5 minutes to complete the setup and 5 minutes to sync. It worked like a charm. Sweet.

3. I mated the socks that had mates and threw away the others. In the future, I will put my dirty socks in a mesh bag so that when I wash them they can’t escape. 60 minutes while watching Downton Abbey.

I invite you to make your own list and get three of the items marked off this week. I guarantee it will be worth it.  Hey ,what’s on your list and what did you do about it? Let me know how it goes in the comments below.

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  • Debra Fowler

    Love your honesty!! Love that you always look for the easiest solutions to make life less stressful with time for more enjoyment! I ALWAYS learn something good from your newsletters and blogs:) Thanks Judi!!
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