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My friend, Margo Geller has found that this recession is that it has generated lots of people being ready to bring their pet dreams and business ideas to fruition, ready to start a new business. Maybe they have lost their jobs, maybe they have decided they could not sit in the cubicle any longer doing work they did not have passion for. Maybe whatever has happened in their life and the world over the past year or so, has giving them just the nudge necessary to decide to try it on their own. But, as I like to say,

Three frogs sitting on a log. One decides to jump in. How many frogs sitting on a log?  THREE.

Just because you decide, doesn’t make it happen. You have to DO something. It is a daunting task to just DO something. I have been working with a lot of people to launch their businesses. As a serial entrepreneur, I have done this for myself several times over. I do it by following my passion. Each time I have launched a new business, it has been like giving birth. Passion gets you into it and then you say Yikes! I have to now deliver the baby. Can you have a baby alone and without help? I guess so, but I don’t recommend it.

In fact, when my first child was born I used a physician practice. The doctor popped in and out during my 16 hour labor and I had a series of nurses rotating in and out. At some point, I freaked and got them to give me an epidural which caused all sorts of problems. It was a really stressful and painful experience. When I got pregnant with my second child, I decided I had to do it differently. I went to a midwife practice. My midwife saw me throughout the pregnancy, asking questions and helping me to plan the delivery I wanted to have. When I was in labor my midwife was there the whole time. When I thought I couldn’t go on, she knew just what to do and I ended up delivering my son without meds and going home in a day. What a difference.

Launching a new baby is like that. We can’t have someone do it for us. It is our ideas and our passion that will make it work. However, it helps tremendously to have some support in getting it done. I am working with someone who has been a high level marketing executive with a major corporation. She left that company a year ago and has been percolating her ideas for what she has a “calling” to do. It doesn’t matter at this point that marketing is her background, in fact it may make it harder to launch your own business, even doctors need a midwives if they are the one having a baby!

Today, Seth Godin wrote about a man trying to find the perfect consulting firm to help his company find their brand essence. Godin says going from expert to expert to find the perfect brand help is not really the point.  That speaks to my belief that the passion is in us but sometimes someone needs to help to bring it out and refine it. A person starting a new business  should take their experience and insight and great information and what they are passionate about sharing with the world and go for it. In that way, you have everything it takes to launch your new business now. But just like giving birth, can a woman do it herself? yes. Is it the best way? Absolutely not.  So essentially, find a person to be your midwife to your brand!

Suzanne Falter Barnes just launched a new version of it ( straight forward blog) and she has a photo of a brand new baby begin birthed. Hmmmm…..  Interesting to me is that here is a woman who is a brand specialist and has great information and a huge following and she talks about how hard it was for her to change to this new site format when she knew she needed to do something different and how she too needed help with the process.  Here is an example of one of her posts where she is talking about the new paradigm of business. She always inspires me.

Another person I follow does not talk about birth but she is a great speaker and expert on making a living speaking.  Lisa Sasevich has lots of info on how to get them  and how to parlay speaking into making a great living. It is all about developing all of the framework, the website has to look premier and clearly display your greatness then you develop an offering like a seminar or a book or podcasts or whatever in a way that you can sell them, you use the speaking engagements to get press through publicizing them with social media and sending them to your website and your events…. and on and on.  She has lots of great ideas.

If you are deciding to start a new business your homework is:

Find some websites that you like what they are saying/doing. Some in your niche and some doing business with themselves as their brand.

  • Look at what their sites look like.
  • How do they present their information.
  • Check out their logos and what they put on the header of their sites
  • What do they call  themselves, if anything.
  • Do you see what their economic engine is? What are they selling? How would you contact them?
  • How do they present themselves as a compelling  thought leader in their area?
  • How do they present themselves on the site in terms of their background and credentials. ( check out how Suzanne Falter Barnes handles this) like you she has a specific corporate pedigree but she has gone on from that to work with her passion.

Call me let’s talk about it.

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