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It seems like just the other day I was giving instructions on how to make a great Facebook Page Profile Image. Well that was short lived advice because Facebook is now changing Facebook Business Pages and, among other changes, they will include a Timeline and cover photo, much like the recent changes to our Personal Profiles.

Before you had a profile photo on your Facebook Page that was 180 pixels wide and could be five times as long. Now that will go back to being a 180 pixel square. Then you will add a “cover” image to the top of the page that is  851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. This will push your content down on the page but I believe it offers a better branding opportunity that the old style Pages did. Here is my new Page Cover:

Screenshot of NewTricks Facebook

 It is against Facebook’s terms of service for you to have the Cover be a call to action or to put addresses or phone numbers that should instead be in the about section.  And you can’t use it to cajole people into Liking your page.

In addition to adding the Cover photo the Business Pages will also change to use the Timeline structure. There is a significant change coming with the Timeline enabling you to make certain Status Updates “sticky” — this allows you to attach an important update to appear at the top of Timeline for a full week. They say you are  “pinning” it to the top of the Timeline. To pin an update, post it to Timeline, then select the pencil icon in the upper-right corner of your post, followed by “Pin to top” in the drop-down menu.

Much like a WordPress “sticky post”, this Pin it feature is helpful if you have a particular notice that you want front and center for visitors to see.

You have until the end of March to make the changes before they will be foisted upon us all. What do you think about it?

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  • scott banks

    The Facebook guidelines actually really poses a problem for one of my non-profit clients. While most people can use their logo in their new main header image if they want, my clients logo is their phone number…1-800-ALL-GA-KIDS…which technically would break the rules. I'm not sure what to do in this situation, or how responsive they would be if we tried to contact them.
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    • judi

      Scott, Most likely you will want your logo to be the profile pic that is 180 by 180 then you use some other photo maybe of kids playing and a tagline. Then you get around the problem of having a phone number in the cover photo itself.

  • Diane

    Judi –

    I like Scott's question – and wonder how strictly they will enforce – there are some grey areas to this.

    Also, What happens to the "welcome" tab so many of us have created as a landing page? Do we just create a sticky status update that has our video and call to action in it???

  • judi

    Landing pages area thing of the past. At least they cannot be the default page. Facebook wanted to end the practice of requiring someone to like the page before moving on.
    As to the rules, They often don't find infractions for quite some time but when they do you would have to take it down or risk getting suspended.

    And the sticky post you can do calls to action and keep them up a week at a time.

    Good luck.

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