The Truth about Facebook Couple Pages - Privacy Control
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 Facebook Couples Pages Should I worry?Have you heard of Facebook Couple Pages? Facebook has received a lot of negative criticism for creating their Facebook couple pages–a new way to view a couples’ Facebook history of relationship interactions from a new URL.  In fact, on Facebook’s Couple Page all of  25 comments I read were negative!

If you are “in a relationship” on Facebook and navigate to, while being logged in, you may be surprised to see a page show up with pictures of you and your significant other, as well as any non-private interactions (wall-messages, events attended, likes etc.) you share. This is your Facebook couple page.

People seem very freaked out by this, but the fact is that Facebook has had “Friendship Pages” since 2010, which are, essentially, the same thing as the new “couple pages.”  Facebook is changing their “Friendship” pages to the now “Redesigned Friendship Pages”.  You can view these friendship pages by logging into Facebook, navigating to a friends profile, clicking the gear on the right underneath the cover photo, and selecting “see friendship.”

You can also check out your friends’ relationships with each other by entering their names in the boxes at the top right-hand corner of each friendship page.

The only real difference between Friendship and Couple pages is that you can now navigate directly to your relationship via the new URL No need to be alarmed, the friendship and couple pages are simply just a re-vamped display of information that you have already entered into Facebook.

One thing that has people so up in arms is the you cannot deactivate the Facebook Couples Page short of opting out of the relationship.  There are ways to work around this such using the Privacy settings you have on your Facebook profile which still apply to these “new” pages.

If you are concerned with what is showing up on either of these relationship pages, change your privacy settings to share only information you’re comfortable sharing. You can, for example, “hide” stories from your timeline which will also be removed from your joint page.

Or, you can remove a story you posted from Facebook altogether by selecting “delete post”, or untag yourself from photos. But, it really won’t help to change your relationship status because anyone who does not have enough to do, can still see basically the same information by viewing you and your relationship person by typing you both into the friend view.

In summary, Facebook couples pages sound worse than they are. So use your privacy settings if you are freaked out by people looking at what you and your honey are posting.

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