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SOS BACKUP LOGOIf you are a Facebook power-user, you will certainly want to jump on this. Now you can use a new Social Backup service, from SOS Online Backup, to backup all of your Facebook data. If you’re like most Facebook users, you have updated, uploaded, and shared important media and content. Should anything happen to the security of your Facebook account, you will want to have a backup.

The new app, from SOS Online Backup, allows you to back up your data right from Facebook. The backup is free up to 5GB, and you can choose to backup all or just some of your data to include wall posts, messages, information about your friends, and your photo albums.

It is perfect for users who are primarily concerned about the availability of uploaded photos that may no longer exist on their desktops. You can also use SOS Social Backup to restore your profile from a previous version, which is useful in the event your account is compromised and then recovered, as well as see what your profile looked like during a backup point.

Users of SOS Social Backup can also convert friends information into .vcf Outlook contact files. There is one catch to this. Your friends have to have selected the privacy setting on their e-mail information that allows their friends to download their contact information. This was a feature Facebook added this summer, but people are unlikely to even know about this setting, much less have selected it. So too bad if you want to add your friends to your contact list. Facebook has us over a barrel, but is making it seem like it is up to your friends.

According to SOS Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ken Shaw, backup services for Gmail and Twitter will be available from SOS Social Backup soon.

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