Find your Magic Keywords
 In Search Engine Optimization

Picture of a KeyAbracadabra! Keywords are the magic words you will need to come up for to be found by your potential customers on the Internet.

Yet like other magic words, it is amazing how many people don’t know what they are or how to use them.

Here are some basic SEO tips:

  • Your keywords are most likely going to be phrases rather than single words since the single words are too general and very competitive. If your business is new and is selling shoes, you are most likely NEVER going to come up for the word “Shoes”. But you may come up for the keyword phrase, “Cool Shoe Store Atlanta” or “Women’s Tango Shoes”.
  • Make a list of the 10-20 Keyword phases you would like to come up for in a search. You might ask people you know how they would search for your product or service.
  • Once you have your initial list. You also want to make sure that people searching this term would actually be looking for your services, not just for information about that term. Create an Excel spreadsheet of your terms.
  • Take a sheet on this spreadsheet and in the first column make a list of each of your website pages. In the second column, write a description of what that page is about. In the third column, match up a specific page with one of your keyword phases that you will then optimize that page for. In another column make a note as to the date and the placement in the search that your page currently comes up on for each term so that you can track your success.
  • Optimize the content on each of your pages for a particular search term. You should have between 300- 500 words on the page (not including the sidebar or the footer) in order to optimize it properly. Use the Focus Keyword phrase in the Title Tag. Use the phrase towards the beginning of the Meta Description.  Use the term in a Header. Sprinkle the term several times in your content without having it sound spammy. Add the term or phrase to the alt tag of your page or post image.

In the pursuit of finding your magic keywords, these steps should make a big difference especially if you are in an industry that is not too competitive. Remember you have to be doing more than the people ranking above you. In some industries that is not very hard to do.

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  • @jennymunn

    Judi – this blog post pretty much sums up the gist of what I did that got me to #1 for the keyword "Atlanta Copywriter" (which also brought me lots of leads every month). I started with solid keyword research and basic on-page optimization. I think people get so intimidated by SEO, they don't realize that a little on-page can go a long way! Wonderful post and thanks so much for the mention.
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  • ClickHOST

    Judi, I love your articles. Always very clear, easy to follow and practical. Keep it up and see you soon at WCATL!

    Cheers, Carel.

  • Shawn Young

    Keywords are very important to your website because without them your website theme will not be focused and as a result it is more likely that you will not rank well in Google.
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  • Jane

    I don't think I missed it, but it is 4AM here, but do you use Exact Match, Phrase Match, or Broad Match for the match type?

    • judi knight

      You want to use broad and phrase if you are in your initial phase of find your best keyword Phrases.

  • Brenda Thompson

    Is it necessary to include my local area in my keyword phrases, like: unique real estate chambersburg pa?
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    • judi knight

      Brenda, You should do a keyword analysis and see what phrases have low to medium competitiveness and enough searches per month to make it worth while. Then you take each page ( and Post) on your site and optimize each one for one keyword phrase. If people are searching by zipcode then that can go into the phrase but the analysis will guide you in how to phrase it.

  • awais bashir

    thanks great information for share easy to find magic keywords Cheers:) The Bexter Review

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