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Pink SpoonIt’s been one month since we launched our redesigned website,, I was so glad to get it published but knew that didn’t mean we could sit on our keisters and relax. Oh no, a website owner’s work is never done. (That’s why you’re reading these posts each Wednesday!)

This past week I took a good look at our stats to see what is working and what isn’t, and here is what I learned.

Finding the Right Pink Spoon

My call to action that was at the top of the site (“Fetch a Website That’s Best in Show”) was a click to contact me for a consultation. I knew before we launched that it was not ideal to ask people to do something that personal before they knew us. But I didn’t have the time or the energy to figure out what freebie I could offer instead to tempt people into giving me their email address.

call to action 1

Original Call to Action that asked for too much too soon.

I knew it was too much to expect that anyone would be ready to sign up for a consultation until they got to know us and fall in love a little. Just like people at the ice cream counter aren’t ready to order until they stand around and taste everything before deciding what to buy. So I needed to offer people a taste of something valuable to them, in exchange for their email. Once I have permission to email them, I can send them my newsletter each week and over time when they need my services they will be ready to make the commitment.

New Call to Action

Changed the offer to a Pink Spoon for a free download of our Seven Secrets PDF.

So what to offer instead of the paid consultation? I had written, the Seven Secrets to a Website that Sells ( Get the 7 Secrets Here) a couple of years ago, which would be perfect for that spot where I am telling people they need a website that works.

Since it was a little dated, I got it out, brushed it up and now when someone clicks on the button on the home page they will go to the landing page below to sign up and get our Seven Secrets pdf. Now, we wait and see how it works.  We will know its conversion rate by the number of signups compared to home page visits over this next month.




Testing the User Experience

While updating my Seven Secrets pdf with the latest research, I found a company that makes it easy for small businesses to do user (UX) testing.  You can get invaluable insight into what is working and what isn’t by observing and listening to someone trying to use your site. We do a version of this when we do website evaluations for people at WordPress Meetups.  But, I was thrilled to find a company,  that can deliver some very valuable and inexpensive website feedback, fast.

You can also try a free taste of their work with the company’s pink spoon called “peek” .  They will give you a free five-minute video test of someone using your website and talking out loud while doing so. You see their cursor poking around your website while they describe their experience in real time. Take a look at the video of the “peek” of the test of someone trying out our site.


Of course, I encourage everyone to have newsletter and a pink spoon on their website to get people to subscribe. So I hope you give that a try, but at the very least, go ahead and try out a free “peek” to find our how others use your website. You may be surprised at what you find out.

What I got from my “peek” was clarity from a user who was having trouble distinguishing between a Talk it Out Session vs a 10-minute phone conversation. I was able to go in and fix what could have been stopping me from having people get in touch for either the free phone call or the Talk it Out Session. That alone was worth a lot more than free!

Let me know in the comments on this post what you find out in your “peek”. I’m dying to know.

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