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It's the Little Things that Can Make a Big Difference

Pin by Callahan McDonough

You know how sometimes it’s the small things that make the world a nicer place?

I have the very good fortune of having a husband who brings me my coffee, in bed, every morning. He also does the dishes and loves to run out to the grocery store, among many other wonderful qualities. And Carol Sue, our newest New Tricks team member, is not just fabulous at her job but has made herself  thoroughly indispensable by making me a green drink in the morning and bringing me hot tea made with ginger and lemon in the afternoon.

The effect of these small kindnesses led me to ponder several other simple things we can do that can make a huge difference in the quality of our relationships, both personal and work.

1. Pay attention to others and act, without them having to ask. I have watched the effect on a person when someone noticed they were uncomfortable and brought them a different chair, without them having to ask. Not a big deal? Yes it is. People definitely notice and note that level of attention.

2. If you are going to end up doing something anyway, don’t make a fuss about it. Why make a big deal and make everyone uncomfortable with your “start-up” noises. Whining, complaining and grousing is downright irritating. You will get way more mileage with a cheerful, can-do attitude.

3. Say what you’ll do and do what you say. Be a person that can be counted on and if you can’t get it done, communicate the update as soon as you know if it’s not going to work the way you said it would. Avoiding that communication only makes it worse.

4. Lose the helpless routine and Google it. Sometimes we don’t even know what to ask for in a Google search but most of the time the answer is right there at our finger tips. Try and figure it out first, before you say, “I don’t know how”.

5. Give people the benefit of the doubt and look at a situation as it might be occurring for them. Keep in mind that we all have different points of view and not everyone is out to screw you, or be a thorn in your side. In fact, if you habitually have that frame of mind, it might be a case of “You Spot it, You Got it”.

All for now.

With gratitude for the small things,

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