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Dice with Five SpotsDo you want people to read what you write? Of course you do.  Great headlines are a secret weapon.

Fess up. Have you ever been in line at the grocery store when a National Enquirer headline was so compelling that you bought it so you could read the article? Are those techniques smarmy? Well kind of but they are ever so effective and have been working for decades.

Five Tried and True Methods to Write Headlines That Have a Better Chance at Getting People to Read Your Posts:


1)  _________Ways to _____________

  • 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
  • 4 Ways to Know If You are Going to Live To One-Hundred
  • 300 Ways to Make Some Extra Cash in A Hurry

2) Are You_____________?

  • Are You Ready to Find The Love Of Your Life?
  • Are You Afraid To Apply For A New Job?
  • Are You Your Dog’s Best Friend?

3) If You Are ________________, Then You Can_______________

  • If You’re Short On Cash, Pawn Shops May Be The Answer
  • If You Are a Knitter, You Can Download This Pattern Book For Free
  • If You Can’t Stand Your Ex-Husband’s Wife, Then You Need to Read This

4) Warning: ______________________________________.

  • Warning: How to Tell If You Will Lose Your Hair At 40
  • Warning: Do You Recognize the Signs of An Unhappy Client?
  • Warning: Are You Ready To Do What It Takes to Avoid Hip Replacement?

5) How ____________________Made Me___________

  • How A Google Search Lead to My New Career
  • How An Obvious Ploy Got Me 100,000 New Subscribers
  • How Working at Home Saves Me $25,000 Per Year

Try them out and see if they work for you.  Hey, please share any other ways you have found to be effective.


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