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I don’t know about you, but I’m happy that Monday night ended the third launch of my WP Web Designer Mastery Course. And I have to say, it was a doozy.

All was going well until I caught a bit of a stomach bug that laid me out flat for three days over the weekend. And actually, it continued to go well thanks to technology and automated, yet heartfelt emails!

By the time the clock struck midnight on Monday, six women and one man had chosen to make an investment in their careers. I feel honored that they are trusting me to lead them on their journey out of the Bermuda Triangle of Web Designer Hell and on to WordPress Pro!

So today, I’ve pretty much run out of words. Instead of a long post, I put together a small “to do” list of items you may find helpful and even fun!

  1. Run your website through Hubspot’s Website Grader to see how it’s doing in the areas of Performance, Mobile, SEO, and Security.
  2. Do a search as if you were looking for a web designer (insert your type of business) to work with. See if you can find a website that you liked and felt a connection with, and that you would actually want to work with. Notice the things about the site that had you feel that way. Take a look at your website. How does it compare? Take notes.
  3. Sign Up for our Free, 14-Video Course, Getting Started with WordPress.
  4. Watch the replays and get the slides from the Three-Webinar Master Class, WordPress Web Designer’s Secrets Revealed.
  5. Now here comes the fun one. Make your pet talk with an app for the iPhone, My Talking Pet. To see it in action, follow my talking pup, Ollie_Sheepadoodle. And when you make your dog ( or cat) talk, tag Ollie so we can take a look:-)


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